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Remove the option for thread_safe #188

merged 1 commit into from about 2 years ago

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Cyril David Damian Janowski Michel Martens Pieter Noordhuis Pierre Chapuis
Cyril David
cyx commented March 12, 2012

I think the @synchronizer is just adding an indirection which isn't useful and
just adds a small performance penalty for 99% of the users doing Redis.connect.

Damian Janowski

I'm +1, let's hear from @soveran and @pietern.

Michel Martens


Pieter Noordhuis

Yes, sounds good. If users still want to disable it they can #include a fake Monitor mixin.

Pieter Noordhuis pietern merged commit 578c01f into from March 12, 2012
Pieter Noordhuis pietern closed this March 12, 2012
Pierre Chapuis

So how do you disable thread safety now? Is it as simple as this or am I missing something?

Redis.class_eval do
  def synchronize; yield; end

@pietern Can you give an example of your fake MonitorMixin? I am never using threads and monitors degrade performance significantly [EDIT: this is wrong, see below].

Damian Janowski

You can do that, or subclass Redis.

But clearly – why would you want to do that?

Pierre Chapuis

@djanowski Performance. I have to benchmark that again but I used to disable thread safety because I had noticed an important decrease in performance due to Monitor.

Damian Janowski

Check again, both @cyx and I made benchmarks and the impact was negligible.

Pierre Chapuis

I just did a quick bench and I found that the impact was indeed negligible.

My switch to thread unsafe goes back to February 2011 according to git so maybe things have improved in the meantime or maybe I was doing something wrong back then.

Anyway I will use the thread safe version unless I encounter problems again, in which case I will create a dedicated issue.

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Mar 13, 2012
Cyril David Remove the option for :thread_safe. 619fe28
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  1. 11  lib/redis.rb
11  lib/redis.rb
@@ -43,16 +43,7 @@ def self.current=(redis)
43 43
   def initialize(options = {})
44 44
     @client =
45 45
-    if options[:thread_safe] == false
-      @synchronizer = lambda { |&block| }
-    else
-      @synchronizer = lambda { |&block| mon_synchronize { } }
-      super() # Monitor#initialize
-    end
-  end
-  def synchronize
- { yield }
+    super() # Monitor#initialize
56 47
57 48
58 49
   # Run code without the client reconnecting

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