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@oranagra oranagra released this 27 Apr 13:33
· 58 commits to 6.2 since this release

Upgrade urgency: SECURITY, contains fixes to security issues.

Security Fixes:

  • (CVE-2022-24736) An attacker attempting to load a specially crafted Lua script
    can cause NULL pointer dereference which will result with a crash of the
    redis-server process. This issue affects all versions of Redis.
    [reported by Aviv Yahav].
  • (CVE-2022-24735) By exploiting weaknesses in the Lua script execution
    environment, an attacker with access to Redis can inject Lua code that will
    execute with the (potentially higher) privileges of another Redis user.
    [reported by Aviv Yahav].

Potentially Breaking Fixes

  • LPOP/RPOP with count against non-existing list return null array (#10095)
  • LPOP/RPOP used to produce wrong replies when count is 0 (#9692)

Performance and resource utilization improvements

  • Speed optimization in command execution pipeline (#10502)
  • Fix regression in Z[REV]RANGE commands (by-rank) introduced in Redis 6.2 (#10337)

Platform / toolchain support related improvements

  • Fix RSS metrics on NetBSD and OpenBSD (#10116, #10149)
  • Fix OpenSSL 3.0.x related issues (#10291)

Bug Fixes

  • Lua: Add checks for min-slave-* configs when evaluating Lua scripts (#10160)
  • Lua: fix crash on a script call with many arguments, a regression in v6.2.6 (#9809)
  • Tracking: Make invalidation messages always after command's reply (#9422)
  • Fix excessive stream trimming due to an overflow (#10068)
  • Add missed error counting for INFO errorstats (#9646)
  • Fix geo search bounding box check causing missing results (#10018)
  • Improve EXPIRE TTL overflow detection (#9839)
  • Modules: Fix thread safety violation when a module thread adds an error reply, broken in 6.2 (#10278)
  • Modules: Fix missing and duplicate error stats (#10278)
  • Module APIs: release clients blocked on module commands in cluster resharding
    and down state (#9483)
  • Sentinel: Fix memory leak with TLS (#9753)
  • Sentinel: Fix issues with hostname support (#10146)
  • Sentinel: Fix election failures on certain container environments (#10197)