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+title: Using Pub/Sub for Asynchronous Communication
+ - Pieter Noordhuis
+ - pubsub
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### Problem
You want Redis to serve as the backend for an application that needs chat
-like communication (or arbitrary synchronous communication) between its
+like communication (or arbitrary asynchronous communication) between its
### Solution
@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ the Redis connection pool.
When implementing `PUBLISH`/`SUBSCRIBE` in a web environment, the easiest
approach to use is to use [Web Sockets](
-Using WebSockets, you are able to leverage the synchronous nature of
+Using WebSockets, you are able to leverage the asynchronous nature of
`PUBLISH`/`SUBSCRIBE` and immediately write incoming messages on the
subscribed channels to the user's specific Web Socket.
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-title: Using Pub/Sub for Synchronous Communication
- - Pieter Noordhuis
- - pubsub

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