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Redisson Releases History

Please Note: trunk is current development branch.

19-Jan-2016 - versions 2.7.3 and 3.2.3 released

Redisson Team is pleased to announce ULTRA-FAST Redisson PRO edition.
Performance measure results available in Benchmark whitepaper

Feature - RMap.getLock(key) and RMultimap.getLock(key) methods added
Improvement - RedissonSpringCacheManager constructor with Redisson instance only added
Improvement - CronSchedule moved to org.redisson.api package
Fixed - RedissonBaseIterator.hasNext() doesn't return false in some cases
Fixed - NoSuchFieldError exception in redisson-tomcat modules
Fixed - ConnectionPool size not respected during redirect of cluster request
Fixed - RSortedSet.removeAsync and RSortedSet.addAsync
Fixed - RBloomFilter.tryInit were not validated properly
Fixed - CommandDecoder should print all replay body on error

19-Dec-2016 - versions 2.7.2 and 3.2.2 released

Feature - RList, RSet and RScoredSortedSet implements RSortable interface with SORT command support
Feature - NodeAsync interface
Feature -, Node.getNode methods added
Fixed - elements distribution of RBlockingFairQueue across consumers
Fixed - factory already defined error during Redisson initialization under Apache Tomcat

14-Dec-2016 - versions 2.7.1 and 3.2.1 released

Url format used in config files has changed. For example:

"//" now should be written as "redis://"

Feature - RSet.removeRandom allows to remove several members at once
Fixed - exceptions during shutdown
Fixed - redis url couldn't contain underscore in host name
Fixed - IndexOutOfBoundsException during response decoding
Fixed - command timeout didn't respect during topic subscription
Fixed - possible PublishSubscribe race-condition
Fixed - blocking queue/deque poll method blocks infinitely if delay less than 1 second

26-Nov-2016 - versions 2.7.0 and 3.2.0 released

Feature - Spring Session implementation. More details here
Feature - Tomcat Session Manager implementation. More details here
Feature - RDelayedQueue object added. More details here
Feature - RBlockingFairQueue object added. More details here
Feature - RSortedSet.readAll and RQueue.readAll methods added
Fixed - RMap.getAll doesn't not preserve the order of elements
Fixed - Wrong nodes parsing in result of cluster info command
Fixed - NullPointerException in CommandDecoder.handleResult
Fixed - Redisson shutdown status should be checked during async command invocation

07-Nov-2016 - versions 2.6.0 and 3.1.0 released

Feature - new object added RBinaryStream. More info about it here
Improvement - limit Payload String on RedisTimeoutException
Improvement - Elasticache master node change detection process optimization

27-Oct-2016 - versions 2.5.1 and 3.0.1 released

Include all code changes from 2.2.27 version

Fixed - RMapCache.fastPutIfAbsentAsync doesn't take in account expiration
Fixed - timer field of RedisClient hasn't been initialized properly in some cases

27-Oct-2016 - version 2.2.27 released

This version fixes old and annonying problem with ConnectionPool exhusted error. From this moment connection pool waits for free connection instead of throwing pool exhausted error. This leads to more effective Redis connection utilization.

Improvement - remove Connection pool exhausted exception

17-Oct-2016 - version 3.0.0 released

Fully compatible with JDK 8. Includes all code changes from 2.5.0 version

Feature - RFeature extends CompletionStage

17-Oct-2016 - version 2.5.0 released

This version brings greatly improved version of RLiveObjectService and adds cascade handling, cyclic dependency resolving, simplified object creation. Read more in this article

Includes all code changes from 2.2.26 version

Feautre - COUNT and ASC/DESC support for RGeo radius methods
Feature - RGeo extends RScoredSortedSet
Feature - RCascade annotation support LiveObjectService
Improvement - RId generator should be empty by default
Improvement - support setter/getter with protected visibility scope for LiveObject
Fixed - RMapCache doesn't keep entries insertion order during iteration
Fixed - @RId is returned/overwritten by similarly named methods (thanks to Rui Gu)
Fixed - typo getRemoteSerivce -> getRemoteService (thanks to Slava Rosin)
Fixed - RPermitExpirableSemaphore.availablePermits doesn't return actual permits account under certain conditions
Fixed - readAllValues and readAllEntrySet methods of RLocalCacheMap return wrong values
Fixed - setter for collection field of LiveObject entity should rewrite collection content
Fixed - RSetCache TTL not updated if element already present
Fixed - RLiveObjectService swallow exceptions during merge or persist operation Fixed - RLiveObjectService doesn't support protected constructors
Fixed - object with cyclic dependencies lead to stackoverflow during RLiveObjectService.detach process
Fixed - not persisted REntity object allowed to store automatically
Fixed - RLexSortedSet.addAll doesn't work
Fixed - RLiveObjectService can't detach content of List object
Fixed - RLiveObjectService doesn't create objects mapped to Redisson objects in runtime during getter accesss
Fixed - RLiveObjectService can't recognize id field of object without setter

17-Oct-2016 - version 2.2.26 released

Fixed - NPE in CommandDecoder
Fixed - PubSub connection re-subscription doesn't work in case when there is only one slave available

27-Sep-2016 - version 2.4.0 released

Includes all code changes from 2.2.25 version

Feature - new object added RPermitExpirableSemaphore. More info about it here
Feature - new object added RLocalCachedMap. More info about it here
Feature - references support (thanks to Rui Gu) More info about it here
Feature - Docker support More info about it here
Feature - RSemaphore.reducePermits method added
Feature - nettyThreads and executor settings added
Feature - valueRangeReversed, entryRangeReversed, union and intersection methods added to RScoredSortedSet object
Feature - Node.time method added
Feature - RMap.valueSize method added
Feature - RBucket.size method added
Feature - RBatch.executeSkipResult method added
Improvement - Redisson Node could be created with existing Redisson instance
Improvement - RMultimap.get should return RSet or RList interface instead of Set and List
Fixed - RExecutorService should reject non-static inner task class
Fixed - wrong object encoding in RScoredSortedSet.addScore method

27-Sep-2016 - version 2.2.25 released

Improvement - log unexpected errors in netty handlers
Improvement - Not all slots are covered error should be more informative
Improvement - implement random wait time in lock method of RedissonRedLock and RedissonMultiLock objects
Fixed - ClassCastException error when there are no slaves in sentinel mode
Fixed - keep RMap insertion ordering while iteration
Fixed - thread stuck at lock method of RedissonRedLock and RedissonMultiLock objects
Fixed - incorrect tryLock behaviour of RedissonRedLock and RedissonMultiLock objects
Fixed - connection shouldn't be closed on exceptionCaught
Fixed - Jackson 2.8.x compatibility
Fixed - TRYAGAIN error handling in cluster mode
Fixed - sync commands in connectionListener leads to connection timeout exception
Fixed - can't find slave error in cluster mode if failed slave hasn't been added before

24-Aug-2016 - version 2.3.0 released

Starting from this version Redisson could be run as standalone node to execute distributed tasks. More features will be added to it in future. Read docs about it here

Feature - new service added RExecutorService. More info about it here
Feature - new service added RScheduledExecutorService. More info about it here
Feature - new service added RLiveObjectService. More info about it here (big thanks to Rui Gu for this amazing feature)
Feature - new object added RBoundedBlockingQueue. More info about it here
Feature - Redis deployment tool. More info about it here
Feature - Cluster management tool. More info about it here
Feature - Avro and Smile codecs added
Breaking api change - all config classes moved to org.redisson.config package
Breaking api change - all classes moved from org.redisson.core to org.redisson.api package
Breaking api change - switched from io.netty.util.concurrent.Future to org.redisson.api.RFuture interface
Fixed - division by zero in WeightedRoundRobinBalancer (thanks to Shailender R Bathula)

08-Aug-2016 - version 2.2.24 released

Fixed - PubSub connection in cluster mode should be connected to node according slot derived from channel name
Fixed - RLock.tryLock could block forever under some conditions

04-Aug-2016 - version 2.2.23 released

Improvement - Future.cancel method handling for RemoteService async call
Fixed - unable to redefine RedisClient command execution timeout
Fixed - exception occured in CommandEncoder leads to reponse timeout exception
Fixed - exception occured in CommandDecoder leads to reponse timeout exception
Fixed - BLPOP timeout calculation fixed
Fixed - object used in RemoteService to prevent race-condition during ack receiving should be created per request

26-Jul-2016 - version 2.2.22 released

Fixed - java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException during command batch usage with netty 4.0.38 and higher

15-Jul-2016 - version 2.2.21 released

Fixed - RLock, RReadWriteLock, RSemaphore and RCountDownLatch can blocks forever under some conditions

14-Jul-2016 - version 2.2.20 released

Fixed - NPE during pubsub re-subscription (regression since 2.2.18)
Fixed - RSortedSet doesn't work in cluster mode (regression since 2.2.16)
Fixed - PubSub connection pool initialization in cluster mode
Fixed - NPE during pubsub usage in cluster mode (regression since 2.2.18)

13-Jul-2016 - version 2.2.19 released

Feature - RSetReactive.readIntersection, RSetReactive.diff and RSetReactive.intersection added
Fixed - cluster commands handling regression (regression since 2.2.18)

13-Jul-2016 - version 2.2.18 released

Feature - RSet.randomAsync and RSet.random commands added (thanks to dcheckoway)
Feature - commandTimeout param added to RedisClient
Feature - JsonJacksonMapValueCodec basic typed map value codec added (thanks to andrejserafim)
Improvement - PubSub management has been reimplemented this resolves some issues with RLock, RSemaphore objects
Fixed - disconnected pubsub connection leads to missed response for unsubscribe/punsubscribe operations
Fixed - cluster slot changes discovery
Fixed - execute all lock, semaphore and countdownlatch commands on master node
Fixed - shutdown listeners added during blocking operations usage weren't removing in some cases
Fixed - response parsing of cluster nodes command
Fixed - Connections weren't closing during RedisClient shutdown
Fixed - RedissonRedLock.unlock

30-Jun-2016 - version 2.2.17 released

Feature - RMultimap.keySize method added
Feature - RKeys.getType method added
Feature - RKeys.getKeysByPattern method with count param added
Improvement - RedissonMultiLock.lock method optimization
Feature - RedissonRedLock implemented
Fixed - RMapCache.delete doesn't delete redisson__idle__set__
Fixed - integer comparison in EvictionScheduler
Fixed - ByteBuf leak (thanks to jackygurui)
Fixed - RTopic.addListener method worked asynchronous sometimes
Fixed - ClastCastException occurred if multi-type PubSub channels were used with single connection
Fixed - PubSub status message decoding
Fixed - RLock.lock can hang in some cases
Fixed - PubSub subscription may stuck in some cases
Fixed - return value of RedissonMultimap.keySet.size method

12-Jun-2016 - version 2.2.16 released

Feature - RGeo, RMultimapCache added to RBatch
Feature - fastRemove and fastRemoveAsync methods were added to RList
Improvement - added Spring 4.3.0 support to RedissonSpringCacheManager
Improvement - RSortedSet performance boost up to x4
Improvement - RList.remove optimization
Improvement - ability to define Codec for RRemoteService
Fixed - cluster state managing with redis masters only
Fixed - dead lock during RLock, RSemaphore, RReadWriteLock, RCountDownLatch usage under heavy load

08-Jun-2016 - version 2.2.15 released

Improvement - Performance boost up to 30% for RSortedSet.add method
Fixed - auth during reconnection (thanks to fransiskusx)
Fixed - Infinity loop with iterator
Fixed - NPE in RSortedSet
Fixed - RSortedSet.remove and iterator.remove methods can break elements ordering

27-May-2016 - version 2.2.14 released

Redisson Team is pleased to announce Redisson PRO edition. This version is based on open-source edition and has 24x7 support and some features.

Feature - data sharding for RMap, RSet structures in cluster mode available only in Redisson PRO edition
Feature - new object added RLock with fair mode support
Feature - Ability to execute interface methods used for RemoteService in asynchronous way
Feature - RSemaphoreAsync interface implemented
Feature - addBefore, addBeforeAsync, addAfter, addAfterAsync methods added to RList object
Feature - readAll, pollFirst, pollLast, first, last, revRankAsync, readAllAsync, pollFirstAsync, pollLastAsync, firstAsync, lastAsync and revRankAsync methods added to RLexSortedSet object
Feature - count, countAsync, readAll, readAllAsync methods added to RScoredSortedSet object
Feature - entryValueReversed, entryValueReversedAsync methods added toRScoredSortedSet (thanks to weiqiyiji)
Feature - Ability to specify the name prefix for RRemoteService (thanks to pierredavidbelanger)
Feature - Ability to make remote call in fire-and-forget and ack-response modes only (thanks to pierredavidbelanger)
Improvement - optimized cluster redirect handling during RBatch execution
Fixed - RScoredSortedSet.retainAll method works incorrectly in some cases
Fixed - getBlockingQueue throws IndexOutOfBoundsException (thanks to jackygurui)
Fixed - GEODIST command handling in RGeo object (thanks to jackygurui)
Fixed - RObject.expireAt method uses second instead of ms
Fixed - don't make a remote call when toString, equals and hashCode are called via remote interface (thanks to pierredavidbelanger)
Fixed - RRemoteService doesn't work correctly with serialzation codecs (thanks to pierredavidbelanger)
Fixed - executors amount is not enforced (thanks to pierredavidbelanger)
Fixed - FSTObjectOutput shouldn't be closed after write
Fixed - possible race-condition during ack waiting in RRemoteService object
Fixed - timeWait checking fixed in RLock.tryLockAsync

30-Apr-2016 - version 2.2.13 released

Feature - RSet.diff and RSet.intersection methods added
Imporovement - RScoredSortedSet.containsAll, removeAll and retainAll methods speed optimization
Imporovement - RSetCache memory and speed optimization
Imporovement - RSet.retainAll, containsAll, removeAll methods speed optimized up to 100x
Fixed - possible infinity RLock expiration renewal process
Fixed - error during RSetCache.readAll invocation.
Fixed - expiration override wasn't work in RSetCache.add

22-Apr-2016 - version 2.2.12 released

Imporovement - Replaying phase handling in CommandDecoder
Fixed - cluster state update manager can't try next node if current node has failed to response
Fixed - cluster initialization
Fixed - items removing during RMap iteration
Fixed - RGeo.addAsync codec definition
Fixed - RMapCache iterator and readAll methods
Fixed - unnecessary slots migration in cluster mode
Fixed - Command batches redirect in cluster mode
Fixed - cluster mode compatibility for RedissonMultimap.fastRemove method
Fixed - RedissonMultiLock deadlock
Fixed - MultiDecoder empty result handling
Fixed - array start index in LUA scripts
Fixed - RMap iterator
Fixed - probably thread blocking issues

04-Apr-2016 - version 2.2.11 released

Since this version Redisson has perfomance boost up to 43%

Feature - new object added RGeo
Feature - new object added RBuckets
Feature - travis-ci integration (thanks to jackygurui)
Improvement - RScoredSortedSet.removeAllAsync & removeAll methods optimization
Improvement - RemoteService reliability tuned up
Improvement - Reattaching RBlockingQueue\Deque blocking commands (poll, take ...) after Redis failover process or channel reconnection
Fixed - iterator objects may skip results in some cases
Fixed - RTopic listeners hangs during synchronous commands execution inside it
Fixed - Redisson hangs during shutdown if RBlockingQueue\Deque.take or RBlockingQueue\Deque.poll methods were invoked

23-Mar-2016 - version 2.2.10 released

Feature - new object added RRemoteService
Feature - new object added RSetMultimapCache
Feature - new object added RListMultimapCache
Improvement - ability to cancel BRPOP and BLPOP async command execution
Improvement - Config params validation
Improvement - test RedisRunner improvements (thanks to jackygurui)
Improvement - Double.NEGATIVE_INFINITY and Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY handling for ScoredSortedSet (thanks to jackygurui)
Fixed - MOVED, ASK handling in cluster mode using RBatch
Fixed - delete and expire logic for Multimap objects
Fixed - RLock.tryLockAsync NPE
Fixed - possible NPE during Redisson version logging
Fixed - Netty threads shutdown after connection error

04-Mar-2016 - version 2.2.9 released

Feature - new object added RSetMultimap
Feature - new object added RListMultimap
Feature - valueRangeReversed and valueRangeReversedAsync methods were added to RScoredSortedSet object
Improvement - Throw RedisOutOfMemoryException when OOM error from Redis server has occured
Improvement - Node type added to optimization in Cluster mode
Improvement - Add DynamicImport-Package to OSGi headers
Fixed - RedissonSpringCacheManager Sentinel compatibility
Fixed - RAtomicLong.compareAndSet doesn't work when expected value is 0 and it wasn't initialized

12-Feb-2016 - version 2.2.8 released

Feature - union, unionAsync, readUnion and readUnionAsync methods were added to RSet object
Feature - readAll and readAllAsync methods were added to RSetCache object
Improvement - RKeys.delete optimization in Cluster mode
Fixed - Script error during RSetCache.toArray and RSetCache.readAll methods invocation
Fixed - Sentinel doesn't support AUTH command
Fixed - RMap iterator

03-Feb-2016 - version 2.2.7 released

Feature - readAllKeySet, readAllValues, readAllEntry, readAllKeySetAsync, readAllValuesAsync, readAllEntryAsync methods were added to RMap object
Improvement - RKeys.delete optimization in Cluster mode
Fixed - minimal connections amount initialization
Fixed - RKeys.deleteByPattern throws an error in cluster mode
Fixed - RKeys.deleteAsync throws error in Cluster mode
Fixed - Redisson failed to start when one of sentinel servers is down
Fixed - Redisson failed to start when there are no slaves in Sentinel mode
Fixed - slave nodes up/down state discovery in Cluster mode
Fixed - slave can stay freezed when it has been just added in Sentinel mode
Fixed - offline slaves handling during Redisson start in Sentinel mode
Fixed - SELECT command can't be executed in Sentinel mode
Fixed - database setting removed from cluster config

28-Jan-2016 - version 2.2.6 released

Feature - new object added RedissonMultiLock
Feature - move method added to RSet, RSetReactive objects (thanks to thrau)
Feature - put methods with maxIdleTime param added to RMapCache object
Feature - RList.subList returns live view object
Feature - readAll method added to RList and RSet objects
Feature - trim method added to RList object
Feature - ability to read/write Redisson config object from/to JSON or YAML format
Feature - Spring cache integration
Feature - readMode setting added
Improvement - RSetCache object entry eviction optimization
Improvement - RList object optimization
Improvement - RedissonCountDownLatchAsync interface added
Improvement - cluster restrictions removed from loadBucketValues and saveBuckets methods
Fixed - wrong ByteBuf read position in all codecs based on StringCodec
Fixed - can't connect with password to Sentinel and Elasticache servers
Fixed - Cluster slave discovery (regression since 2.1.5)
Fixed - Sentinel slave discovery (regression since 2.1.5)

09-Jan-2015 - version 2.2.5 released

Feature - new object added RBloomFilter
Feature - new object added RAtomicDouble
Feature - tryAdd, tryAddAsync, addAll and addAllAsync methods added to RScoredSortedSet
Feature - RKeys.count and RKeys.countAsync methods added
Feature - RedissonClient.saveBuckets method added
Feature - trySet, trySetAsync, compareAndSet and getAndSet methods added to RBucket
Feature - fastPutIfAbsent and fastPutIfAbsentAsync methods added to RMap
Improvement - RMap.putIfAbsent optimization
Improvement - RBitSet index range extended to Integer.MAX_VALUE*2
Improvement - RAtomicLong.getAndAdd optimization
Fixed - infinity loop during RMap iteration
Fixed - wrong timeout value used during RBatch execution
Fixed - connection handling when isReadFromSlaves = false
Fixed - RMap.addAndGetAsync key encoding
Fixed - RBatch errors handling
Fixed - RBlockingQueue.pollLastAndOfferFirstToAsync does not block properly

25-Dec-2015 - version 2.2.4 released

Please update to this version ASAP due to connection leak discovered in previous versions since Redisson 2.1.4.

Feature - new object added RBlockingDeque
Feature - new object added RSemaphore
Feature - RMapCache.fastPut method with TTL support added
Feature - WeightedRoundRobinBalancer slaves balancer added
Improvement - Memory consumption optimization
Improvement - storing value with ttl = 0 in RSetCache or RMapCache saves it infinitely
Fixed - reconnection handling when Sentinel servers are restarted
Fixed - RedisConnectionException should be throw if Redisson can't connect to servers at startup
Fixed - Connection leak (regression bug since 2.1.4)
Fixed - ConnectionWatchdog throws exception when eventloop in shutdown state
Fixed - RReadWriteLock.forceUnlock works only for current thread
Fixed - MapKeyDecoder and MapValueDecoder are called in wrong order
Fixed - RReadWriteLock doesn't work in cluster mode

15-Dec-2015 - version 2.2.3 released

Feature - ability to set connection listener via Config.connectionListener setting
Fixed - RLock expiration bug fixed (regression bug since 2.2.2)
Fixed - NPE in RedissonSortedSet constructor

14-Dec-2015 - version 2.2.2 released

Feature - isShuttingDown and isShutdown methods were added to RedissonClient and RedissonReactiveClient
Feature - new object added RSetCacheReactive
Fixed - RLock expiration renewal task scheduling fixed (regression bug since 2.2.1)
Fixed - RExpirable.expireAsync timeUnit precision fixed (regression bug since 2.2.1)

11-Dec-2015 - version 2.2.1 released

Feature - new object added RReadWriteLock with reentrant read/write locking
Feature - new object added RMapCache map-based cache with TTL support for each entry
Feature - new object added RSetCache set-based cache with TTL support for each value
Feature - RBatchReactive.getKeys method added
Feature - RMap.values(), RMap.keySet(), RMap.entrySet() reimplemented with live-view objects
Feature - RObjectReactive.isExists, RObject.isExists and RObject.isExistsAsync added
Fixed - RLock.unlock not thrown IllegalMonitorStateException

04-Dec-2015 - version 2.2.0 released

Since 2.2.0 version Redisson supports Reactive Streams. Use Redisson.createReactive method to access Reactive objects.

Feature - Reactive Streams support
Feature - RList.addAllAsync and RMap.getAllAsync methods added
Feature - RList.equals and RList.hashCode methods implemented
Feature - pollFirst, pollFirstAsync, pollLast, pollLastAsync methods added to RScoredSortedSet
Improvement - RLock and RCountDownLatch switched to LongCodec
Breaking api change - RExpirable methods now uses milliseconds instead of seconds
Fixed - RLock.delete didn't check lock existence

Config.useMasterSlaveConnection and Config.useSentinelConnection methods renamed to Config.useSentinelServers and Config.useMasterSlaveServers respectively
Deprecated methods are dropped

30-Nov-2015 - version 2.1.6 released

Fixed - connection pool regression bug
Fixed - connection init during and invocation

24-Nov-2015 - version 2.1.5 released

Feature - new methods with limit option support were added to RLexSortedSet: lexRange, lexRangeHead, lexRangeHeadAsync, lexRangeTail, lexRangeTailAsync, lexRangeAsync (thanks to jackygurui)
Feature - new methods with limit option support were added to RScoredSortedSet: valueRange, valueRangeAsync, entryRange, entryRangeAsync, valueRange, valueRangeAsync (thanks to jackygurui)
Feature - LOADING Redis server response handling
Feature - RKeys.getSlot method added
Feature - new config options reconnectionTimeout, failedAttempts, connectTimeout, slaveSubscriptionConnectionMinimumIdleSize, masterConnectionMinimumIdleSize, 'slaveConnectionMinimumIdleSize, idleConnectionTimeout
Feature - RBitSet object added
Feature - RBlockingQueue.pollFromAny and RBlockingQueue.pollFromAnyAsync methods added
Improvements - LoadBalancer interface refactored
Fixed - RedisTimeoutException message
Fixed - command execution timeout handling
Fixed - RList.addAllAsync
Fixed - RSet.iterator
Fixed - RBatch.execute and RBatch.executeAsync errors handling

11-Nov-2015 - version 2.1.4 released

Cluster support improvements. New codecs. Stability improvements.

Feature - LZ4 compression codec support
Feature - CBOR binary json codec support (thanks to lefay)
Feature - MsgPack binary json codec support
Feature - Fst serialization codec support
Feature - Snappy compression codec support
Feature - cluster slave nodes change monitoring
Feature - Config.slaveFailedAttempts and Config.slaveReconnectionTimeout config params added
Feature - ClusterServersConfig.readFromSlaves config param added
Improvement - async channel reconnection
Improvement - connection acquisition in async way
Improvement - cluster slot change/migration handling
Improvement - get cluster info from new cluster nodes not defined in initial config
Deprecated - refreshConnectionAfterFails config param
Fixed - RList.add(pos, element) fixed
Fixed - Publish/Subscribe message decoding under heavy load
Fixed - cluster ASK response handling
Fixed - RMap.putAll fixed
Fixed - parsing cluster nodes info
Fixed - NPE during Publish/Subscribe event handling
Fixed - Redisson shutdown handling
Fixed - EOFException during RLock usage with SerializationCodec (thanks to Oleg Ternovoi)

17-Sep-2015 - version 2.1.3 released

Feature - Ability to define Codec for each object
Feature - refreshConnectionAfterFails setting added
Feature - AWS Elasticache support via Config.useElasticacheServers method (thanks to Steve Ungerer)
Feature - RScoredSortedSet and RLexSortedSet added. Both uses native Redis Sorted Set commands. RLexSortedSets stores only String objects and work with ZLEX-commands
Fixed - missed AUTH during channel reconnection
Fixed - resubscribe to subscribed topics during channel reconnection

05-Sep-2015 - version 2.1.2 released

Fixed - possible NPE during channel reconnection
Fixed - executeAsync freezes in cluster mode
Fixed - use same node for SCAN/SSCAN/HSCAN during iteration
Fixed - possible race-condition during master change
Fixed - BlockingQueue.peek race-condition
Fixed - NPE with empty sentinel servers
Fixed - unable to read clientName config param in Master\Slave and Sentinel modes
Fixed - "Too many open files" error in cluster mode

15-Aug-2015 - version 2.1.1 released

Feature - all keys operations extracted to RKeys interface
Feature - RKeys.getKeys, RKeys.getKeysByPattern and RKeys.randomKeymethods added
Feature - RBlockingQueueAsync.drainToAsync method added
Feature - Redis nodes info and ping operations via Redisson.getNodesGroup or Redisson.getClusterNodesGroup now available
Improvement - added sentinel nodes discovery
Fixed - command encoding errors handling
Fixed - cluster empty slot handling
Fixed - connection hangs when there are no slaves in sentinel mode
Fixed - activate master as slave when there are no more available slaves in sentinel mode
Fixed - skip disconnected sentinels during startup
Fixed - slave node discovery in sentinel mode which has been disconnected since start
Deprecated - Redisson methods deleteAsync, delete, deleteByPatternAsync, deleteByPattern, findKeysByPatternAsync, findKeysByPattern. Use same methods with RKeys interface

03-Aug-2015 - version 2.1.0 released

Feature - RTopic subscribtion/unsubscription status listener added
Feature - RSet: removeRandom and removeRandomAsync methods added
Improvement - RList: retainAll,containsAll, indexOf, lastIndexOf optimization
Breaking api change - findKeysByPattern response interface changed to Collection
Breaking api change - RTopic message listener interface changed
Fixed - NPE during cluster mode start
Fixed - timeout timer interval calculation
Fixed - RBatch NPE's with very big commands list
Fixed - RBucket.set with timeout

26-Jul-2015 - version 2.0.0 released

Starting from 2.0.0 version Redisson has a new own async and lock-free Redis client under the hood. Thanks to the new architecture pipline (command batches) support has been implemented and a lot of code has gone.

Feature - new RObject methods: move, moveAsync, migrate, migrateAsync
Feature - new async interfaces: RAsyncMap, RAtomicLongAsync, RBlockingQueueAsync, RCollectionAsync, RDequeAsync, RExpirableAsync, RHyperLogLogAsync, RListAsync, RObjectAsync, RQueueAsync, RScriptAsync, RSetAsync, RTopicAsync
Feature - multiple commands batch (Redis pipelining) support via Redisson.createBatch method
Feature - new methods flushall, deleteAsync, delete, deleteByPatternAsync, deleteByPattern, findKeysByPatternAsync, findKeysByPattern added to RedissonClient interface
Improvement - closed channel detection speedup

22-Jul-2015 - version 1.3.1 released

Fixed - requests state sync during shutdown
Fixed - netty-transport-native-epoll is now has a provided scope
Fixed - NPE during BlockingQueue.poll invocation

04-Jul-2015 - version 1.3.0 released

Feature - RQueue.pollLastAndOfferFirstTo method added
Feature - RObject.rename, RObject.renameAsync, RObject.renamenx, RObject.renamenxAsync methods added
Feature - RList.getAsync, RList.addAsync, RList.addAllAsync methods added
Feature - RObject.deleteAsync method added
Feature - unix sockets support via Configuration.useLinuxNativeEpoll setting
Feature - Redisson.getTopicPattern method added (thanks to alex-sherwin)
Improvement - RLock auto-unlock then client lock-owner is gone (thanks to AndrewKolpakov)
Improvement - lua scripts used instead of multi/exec commands to avoid connection errors during execution (thanks to AndrewKolpakov)
Improvement - RObject.delete method now returns boolean status
Improvement - propagate Command processing exceptions to ConnectionManager (thanks to marko-stankovic)
Improvement - KryoCodec classes registration ability added
Fixed - slave status handling in Sentinel mode
Fixed - String codec
Fixed - Cluster ASKING command support
Fixed - RedissonBlockingQueue#drainTo method (thanks to Sergey Poletaev)
Fixed - Cluster.STATE.HANDSHAKE enum added
Fixed - RedissonClient.getScript method added
Fixed - BlockingQueue.poll method
Fixed - Incorrect map key encoding makes hmget return no fields when string keys are used (thanks to sammiq)

02-Apr-2015 - version 1.2.1 released

Feature - all redis-script commands via 'RScript' object
Feature - implementation of java.util.concurrent.BlockingQueue (thanks to pdeschen)
Feature - buckets load by pattern (thanks to mathieucarbou)
Improvement - IPv6 support
Improvement - isEmpty checks for added collections
Fixed - KryoCodec keys decoding (thanks to mathieucarbou)
Fixed - RMap.addAndGet() data format
Fixed - timeout support in cluster, sentinel and single connections configurations
Fixed - ClassCastException in RedissonCountDownLatch.trySetCount
Fixed - RMap.replace concurrency issue (thanks to AndrewKolpakov)
Fixed - RLock subscription timeout units fixed (thanks to AndrewKolpakov)
Fixed - Re-throw async exceptions (thanks to AndrewKolpakov)

09-Jan-2015 - version 1.2.0 released

Feature - cluster mode support
Fixed - RList iterator race conditions
Fixed - RDeque.addFirst RDeque.addLast methods
Fixed - OSGi support

16-Dec-2014 - version 1.1.7 released

Improvement - RAtomicLong optimization
Fixed - RMap.fastRemove and RMap.getAll methods
Fixed - RTopic listeners re-subscribing in sentinel mode
Fixed - RSet.toArray and RSet.iterator values order
Fixed - keys iteration in RMap.getAll
Fixed - RSet iteration
Fixed - RAtomicLong NPE
Fixed - infinity loop during master/slave connection acquiring
Fixed - RedissonList.addAll result

18-Nov-2014 - version 1.1.6 released

Feature - RBucket.exists and RBucket.existsAsync methods added
Feature - RMap.addAndGet method added
Feature - database index via database and operation timeout via timeout config params added
Improvement - RLock optimization
Breaking api change - Redisson now uses RedissonClient interface
Fixed - NPE in CommandOutput
Fixed - unsubscribing during RTopic.removeListener
Fixed - all object names encoding, no more quotes
Fixed - HashedWheelTimer shutdown
Fixed - RLock race conditions (thanks to jsotuyod and AndrewKolpakov)
Fixed - RCountDownLatch race conditions

23-Jul-2014 - version 1.1.5 released

Feature - operations auto-retry. retryAttempts and retryInterval params added for each connection type
Feature - RMap.filterEntries, RMap.getAll, RMap.filterKeys, RMap.filterValues methods added
Feature - RMap.fastRemove, RMap.fastRemoveAsync, RMap.fastPut & RMap.fastPutAsync methods added
Fixed - async operations timeout handling
Fixed - sorting algorithm used in RSortedSet.

15-Jul-2014 - version 1.1.4 released

Feature - new RLock.lockInterruptibly, RLock.tryLock, RLock.lock methods with TTL support
Fixed - pub/sub connections reattach then slave/master down
Fixed - turn off connection watchdog then slave/master down
Fixed - sentinel master switch
Fixed - slave down connection closing

13-Jul-2014 - version 1.1.3 released

Improvement - RedissonCountDownLatch optimization
Improvement - RedissonLock optimization
Fixed - RedissonLock thread-safety
Fixed - master/slave auth using Sentinel servers
Fixed - slave down handling using Sentinel servers

03-Jul-2014 - version 1.1.2 released

Improvement - RedissonSet.iterator implemented with sscan
Improvement - RedissonSortedSet.iterator optimization
Feature - RSortedSet.removeAsync, RSortedSet.addAsync, RSet.removeAsync, RSet.addAsync methods added
Feature - slave up/down detection in Sentinel servers connection mode
Feature - new-slave automatic discovery in Sentinel servers connection mode

17-June-2014 - version 1.1.1 released

Feature - sentinel servers support
Fixed - connection leak in RTopic
Fixed - setted password not used in single server connection

07-June-2014 - version 1.1.0 released

Feature - master/slave connection management
Feature - simple set/get object support via org.redisson.core.RBucket
Feature - hyperloglog support via org.redisson.core.RHyperLogLog
Feature - new methods getAsync, putAsync and removeAsync added to org.redisson.core.RMap
Feature - new method publishAsync added to org.redisson.core.RTopic
Feature - Kryo codec added (thanks to mathieucarbou)
Breaking api change - org.redisson.Config model changed
Fixed - score calucaltion algorithm used in RSortedSet.
Fixed - RMap.put & RMap.remove result consistency fixed.
Fixed - RTopic.publish now returns the number of clients that received the message
Fixed - reconnection handling (thanks to renzihui)
Improvement - org.redisson.core.RTopic now use lazy apporach for subscribe/unsubscribe

04-May-2014 - version 1.0.4 released

Feature - distributed implementation of java.util.Deque
Feature - some objects implements org.redisson.core.RExpirable
Fixed - JsonJacksonCodec lazy init

26-Mar-2014 - version 1.0.3 released

Fixed - RedissonAtomicLong state format
Fixed - Long serialization in JsonJacksonCodec

05-Feb-2014 - version 1.0.2 released

Feature - distributed implementation of java.util.SortedSet
Fixed - OSGi compability

17-Jan-2014 - version 1.0.1 released

Improvement - forceUnlock, isLocked, isHeldByCurrentThread and getHoldCount methods added to RLock
Feature - connection load balancer to use multiple Redis servers
Feature - published in maven central repo

11-Jan-2014 - version 1.0.0 released

First stable release.