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remove travis env

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1 parent 5e8d89a commit ce153a3df209f2c8dbcb726e0cce2096dc42b6d7 @andrejserafim andrejserafim committed Jun 23, 2016
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@@ -9,5 +9,5 @@ Note that redis shouldn't be running - the build will start instances as needed.
export REDIS_BIN=<path to redis binaries>
# And finally running the build
-mvn -DargLine="-Xmx2g -DredisBinary=$REDIS_BIN/redis-server -DtravisEnv=true" -Punit-test clean test -e -X
+mvn -DargLine="-Xmx2g -DredisBinary=$REDIS_BIN/redis-server" -Punit-test clean test -e -X

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