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@mrniko mrniko released this Jan 21, 2019 · 457 commits to master since this release

Feature - cachedKeySet, cachedValues, cachedEntrySet and getCachedMap methods added to RLocalCachedMap object
Feature - Hibernate 5.4 support
Feature - search LiveObjects by field
Feature - allow checking if lock is held by a thread (thanks to hackworks)
Improvement - return null if Tomcat session attribute couldn't be parsed
Improvement - Tomcat Session key codec changed to StringCodec
Improvement - Spring Session key codec changed to StringCodec
Improvement - Tomcat Session recycle method implementation (thanks to jchobantonov)
Fixed - RRateLimiter RateType checking
Fixed - implementation of workaround for DNS name resolver bug (thanks to shengjie8329)
Fixed - running scheduleWithFixedDelay Job couldn't be canceled
Fixed - master can't be changed anymore if new master wasn't added the first time
Fixed - don't send PING command for blocking queues
Fixed - getting java.lang.ClassNotFoundException if same Redisson instance used in tomcat and application (thanks to jchobantonov)
Fixed - Tomcat Session manager throws java.lang.ClassNotFoundException if readMode=MEMORY (thanks to jchobantonov)
Fixed - ReplicatedConnectionManager doesn't recover Master node as Slave after failover
Fixed - Spring Session manager process changes of unnecessary keys
Fixed - Tomcat Session expires in Redis earlier than scheduled by Tomcat (thanks to jchobantonov)
Fixed - Tomcat Session getAttribute method throws NPE
Fixed - BlockingQueue.drainTo doesn't work when queue contains only one element
Fixed - RTopic.removeListener method throws RejectedExecutionException
Fixed - connection is not reconnected if init command failed to send
Fixed - keepAlive setting is not set for single server connection mode
Fixed - NPE in CommandPubSubDecoder
Fixed - pollFromAny doesn't support Redis cluster
Fixed - RGeo.pos throws ClassCastException
Fixed - LRUCacheMap throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Fixed - IPv6 hosts support (thanks to antimony)

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