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@mrniko mrniko released this Apr 5, 2019 · 189 commits to master since this release

Feature - broadcastSessionEvents setting added to Tomcat Session Manager
Feature - remainTimeToLive method added to RLock, RLockAsync, RLockRx and RLockReactive interfaces
Feature - NAT mapping support for cluster mode
Feature - isLock method added to RLockAsync, RLockRx, RLockReactive interfaces
Feature - writeBehindDelay and writeBehindBatchSize settings added to MapOptions object
Improvement - Eviction task logging added
Improvement - MapWriter interface retains only two methods for handling batch updates
Improvement - MapOptions.writeBehindThreads parameter removed
Fixed - RBitSet.asBitSet methods throws NPE if RBitSet object doesn't exist
Fixed - JCache.getAll method throws RedisException: too many results to unpack
Fixed - RLock.lock method can be interrupted with Thread.interrupt method
Fixed - Tomcat Session parameters aren't updated completely in readMode=MEMORY
Fixed - RLock.unlock method returns true if lock doesn't exist
Fixed - Tomcat Session Manager doesn't remove session attributes in updateMode=AFTER_REQUEST
Fixed - Pattern topic listeners fail to re-attach on cluster failover (thanks to shailender-bathula)
Fixed - CommandPubSubDecoder.decodeResult throws IllegalStateException in JBOSS environment
Fixed - NullValue object shouldn't be stored if RedissonSpringCacheManager.allowNullValues = false
Fixed - removeListener method of RTopicReactive and RTopicRx interfaces throws NoSuchMethodException

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