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Latest commit 278f014 @jamesladd jamesladd Merge pull request #9 from rhunter/patch-1
Link to PDF on site instead of Github source view
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_layouts Make copyright look better on small screens.
_posts Link to PDF on site instead of Github source view
assets Adding slides and images.
blog Stop abusing WAI-ARIA roles.
contribute Correct typo (promite->promote)
discover Updated getting started, probably needs a little more checking.
image Checking image location.
javascript Adds html5boilerplate 'plugins.js' and 'script.js' files.
learn Update learn/redline-examples.html
stylesheet Don't override browser selection colors.
.gitignore Adds jekyll autogenerated site directory to git ignores.
404.html Quick and dirty image centering on 404.
CNAME Adds setup for dns for github pages.
README Fixes source code repository url.
_config.yml Adds jekyll configuration file w/ change in blog post url.
atom.xml Adds atom feed of blog entries.
crossdomain.xml Adds crossdomain.xml in case we ever start using any flash.
humans.txt Remove visionary. Will add as sponsor.
index.html Link to sponsor's websites.
robots.txt Adds robots.txt
thanks.html Does a minor amount of reformatting.


This is the source for the website.

For source code for Redline Smalltalk, visit

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