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RedLine13 load test harness for building custom nodejs tests and testing locally.

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An offline tester to validate your custom PHP RedLine13 Load Test.

Quick Start

Specify test on Command Line

  • Use Node 6.x or 8.x
  • npm install
  • node loadTester [#TESTS] [TEST CLASS FILE]
  • node loadTester 1 CustomTestSimple.js

Running On OSX

npm install
npm uninstall node-libcurl
npm install node-libcurl --build-from-source

# For reference :

Simulating inputs for test

Modify loadtest.ini with parameters, in your custom test you can access settings via

var LoadTestingSession = require("./loadTestingSession.js");

 * Build a custom test by creating a constructor of the 
 * form function CLASS( RedlineApi redlineApi, int testNum, string rand, object config )
 * And providing one method 
 * MyCustomTest.prototype.runTest( CALLBACK )
 * Where after your test is complete the callback is invoked CALLACK(err)
 * err should only be used if there was an error.
function MyCustomTest(redlineApi, testNum, rand, config)
	// We need Redline API to report results, errors, requests.
	this.redlineApi = redlineApi;

	// Keep track of test information.
	this.testNum = testNum;
	this.rand = rand;

	// This is the test configuration file (loadtest.ini)
	this.config = config;

	// Hardcode endpoint, requires plugin to customize.
	this.url = this.config.url | "";

	// Would need plugin to customize instead of hard-code.
	this.minDelayMs = this.config.min | 500;
	this.maxDelayMs = this.config.max | 10000;
	this.delayRangeMs = this.maxDelayMs - this.minDelayMs + 1;

	// Would need plugin to customize from test.
	this.remainingIterations =  this.config.iterations | 1;

/** Run test */
MyCustomTest.prototype.runTest = function( redlineCallback )


The load test will generate local information on performance results and errors.

Running on

When launching on RedLine13 you only upload

  • package.json - if you need any packages
  • 'YourTest.js' - your custom test source file
  • Extra files - any extra files you might need.

The following files should not be uploaded, the versions in this repo are for the harness and will causes issues if added to test.

  • loadtest.ini - this is built dynamically by redline13 and other redline parameters are bundled inside
  • loadTestingSession.js - Wrapper for running tests with cookies
  • loadTestingHttpRequest.js - Wrapper for doing http requests via CURL
  • redlineApi.js - the production version handles more details regarding talking to redline13 stats aggregator
  • singlePageLoadTester.js - a wrapper for testing single pages

More on Custom Performance Tests


RedLine13 load test harness for building custom nodejs tests and testing locally.






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