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;#!/usr/bin/sbcl --script
;(declaim (sb-ext:muffle-conditions style-warnings))
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(let ((*standard-output* (make-broadcast-stream))
(*error-output* (make-broadcast-stream)))
(ql:quickload '(trivial-raw-io osicat external-program
split-sequence bordeaux-threads))))
(defpackage :everyday-songs
(:use :common-lisp
(:import-from :trivial-raw-io :get-char))
(in-package :everyday-songs)
;;; NOTES:
;;; favorite improv levels: 0, 3. Second favorites: 6, 8
;;; about 30 megs for all the oggs.
;;; Implement phrase and sample classes. Implement play-it generic, defmethods.
;;;; DESIGN:
;;;; I've got some ideas for classes. I could have a sound class which sample and phrase classes inherit from and a defgeneric play on sound.
;;;; I should design a "workspace" class and I can have a "level" class inherit from that for fucks sake.
;;;; What about looping and the threading needs of that? I'm against the hard-coding of folders. Osicat halp?
;; Data Structures
(defvar *loops* (make-hash-table))
(defvar *samples* (make-array 10 :fill-pointer 0))
(defvar *sampleset* nil)
(defparameter *folders* #("cloudlevel/" "heartlevel/" "lightlevel/"
"linelevel/" "newsoccerlevel/" "retrolevel/"
"robotlevel/" "soccerlevel/" "somanywayslevel/"))
(defvar *unused-keys* '(#\w #\e #\r #\t #\i #\o #\p #\[
#\s #\d #\f #\g #\k #\l #\; #\'))
(defun reset ()
(setf *samples* (make-array 10 :adjustable t :fill-pointer 0))
(setf *sampleset* nil))
;; Classes
;;; TODO!
;; PHRASES SUPPORT, particularly get-samples storage...
;; For phrases, samples?
;; Init Code
(defun get-samples (path)
(loop for folder across *folders* do
(let ((table (make-hash-table)))
(add-files folder table path)
(vector-push (cons folder table) *samples*)))
(vector-push (cons "workspace" (make-hash-table)) *samples*)
(setf *sampleset* (cdr (aref *samples* 0))))
(defun add-files (folder table path)
(let ((abspath (concatenate 'string path folder))
(keys '(#\w #\e #\r #\t #\i #\o #\p #\[
#\a #\s #\d #\f #\j #\k #\l #\;
#\z #\x #\c #\v #\n #\m #\, #\.
#\g #\b #\y #\u)))
(walk-directory abspath
#'(lambda (x)
(let ((filename (native-namestring
(absolute-pathname x))))
(when (ogg-p filename)
(let ((char (pop keys)))
(setf (gethash char table) filename))))))))
(defun ogg-p (path)
(string= "ogg" (subseq path (- (length path) 3))))
;; Main Loop
(defun play (&optional (path "~/Desktop/jonathan_mak/Everyday Shooter/es/"))
(get-samples (native-namestring (truename path))) ;; for now...
(loop for key = (get-char) until (char= key #\q) do
(parse-key key))
(format t "Thanks for playing!~%")
(start "killall" '("ogg123")))
;; Parser
(defun parse-key (char)
(cond ((char= #\h char) (progn
((char= #\` char) (start "killall" '("ogg123")))
((char= #\\ char) (record-phrase))
((char= #\= char) (setf (cdr (aref *samples* 9)) (make-hash-table)))
((char= #\- char) (loop-phrase))
((and (char>= char #\0)
(char<= char #\9)) (setf *sampleset* (cdr (aref *samples*
(parse-integer (string char))))))
(t (let ((value (gethash char *sampleset*)))
(if (listp value)
(parse-phrase value)
(play-sample value))))))
(defun parse-phrase (keytimes)
;; it seems like there is an extra list around the path in each pair...but only coming from loop-phrase...
(loop for pair in keytimes do
(sleep (car pair))
(play-sample (cdr pair)))) ;; ugly
;; Playback.
(defun play-sample (path)
(start "ogg123" (list path)))
(defun loop-sample (path)
(loop (run "ogg123" (list path))))
(defun loop-phrase () ;; can't exit cleanly from loop-phrase...
(let* ((key (read-char))
(keytimes (gethash key (cdr (aref *samples* 9)))))
(multiple-value-bind (value present) (gethash key *loops*)
(if present
(destroy-thread value) ;; we would really like to stop the loop more gracefully
(remhash key *loops*))
(setf (gethash key *loops*)
(make-thread #'(lambda ()
(loop (parse-phrase keytimes)))))))))
;; UI/Help Functions
(defun show-keys ()
(maphash #'(lambda (k v)
(format t "The ~a key will play ~a.~%" k
(last (split-sequence #\/ v))))
(defun show-folders ()
(let ((count 0))
(loop for pair across *samples* do
(when (not (null count))
(format t "The ~a key will change to folder ~a.~%" count (car pair)))
(incf count))))
;; Custom Loops
(defun record-phrase ()
(let ((phrase nil)
(start (/ (get-internal-real-time) 1000.0)))
(loop named outer for key = (read-char) do
(cond ((char= key #\q) (progn
(save-phrase (reverse phrase))
(return-from outer 'done)))
((char= key #\\) (setf phrase nil
start (/ (get-internal-real-time) 1000.0)))
(t (progn
(let ((current (/ (get-internal-real-time) 1000.0)))
(play-sample (gethash key *sampleset*))
(push (cons (- current start) (gethash key *sampleset*))
(setf start current))))))))
(defun save-phrase (keytimes)
(let ((phrase (remove-if #'(lambda (x) (null (cdr x))) keytimes))) ;; hideous hack, move into record-phrase? break up record-phrase?
(setf (gethash (pop *unused-keys*)
(cdr (aref *samples* 9)))
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