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An improved InPlaceEditor plugin than that provided in rails.

This plugin is drop-in compatible with the current/old in_place_editor method, but adds the ability to specify any option that the JS control accepts.

The current rails version is missing a lot of valid options for the control, but this plugin will accept any current and new parameters for the control.

For example, the current rails version (< 2.0) doesn't allow the setting of onFailure for the control, but with this plugin, simply specify it as follows...
:on_failure => "function(transport) {alert(\"Error: \" + transport.responseText.stripTags());}"

The option translation simply converts underscored options to camelcase in the JS.
eg. :on_failure -> onFailure, :rows -> rows, :highlight_color -> highlightColor

* note
highlightColor is the name of the option in the new rewritten version of the control, highlightcolor (no capital C) is used in the version 1.7 of scriptaculous and previous versions.

Some options require quoting to be valid in the JS, such as :highlight_color.  The 2 options to specify the option are...
1) Manually quote the option 
:highlight_color => "'#000000'"

2) Use the :quoted option
:quoted => {:highlight_color => '#000000'}
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