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.TH MONSTERWM 1 monsterwm
monsterwm \- minimal and dynamic tiling window manager
.B monsterwm
.RB [ \-v ]
.I monsterwm
is a minimal, lightweight, tiny but monstrous, dynamic tiling window manager.
.I monsterwm
comes with four tiling layouts by default plus the floating mode.
It allows the usual method of tiling window managers, with the new window as
the master window, but also provides the ability to have the new window opened
as the last window (at the bottom) of the stack.
the available modes:
.B Tile stack
the stack clients are tiled on the side of master.
.B Bottom stack
the stack clients are tiled beneath the master.
.B Grid mode
clients are tiled in a grid, equaly sharing and dividing the screen space
.B Monocle mode
also known as fullscreen or max mode, where the clients take up the entire
screen space. Other clients are hidden behind the current shown window.
On this layout, fullscreen clients don't need and don't have borders.
You can change that behavior with the
.I monocleborders
patch, in the corresponding branch.
.B Floating mode
windows can move and be resized freely in the screen space, like on a stacking
window manager. Windows retain their floating status until the user switches
to a tiling mode.
.B \-v
prints version information to standard output, then exits.
.SS Status bar
.I monsterwm
does not provide a status bar. Consistent with the Unix philosophy,
.I monsterwm
provides information to the status bar or panel of choice via ouputing
text with information about the state of the windows.
the available settings in
.I config.h
for the panel/status bar, are:
whether the panel should be visible or hidden by default
whether the panel should be on top or bottom of the screen
how much space should be left for use by the panel. Set to
.B 0
to disable the panel completely.
.SS Keyboard and mouse commands
All of
.I monsterwm's
commands can be customized by editing
.I config.h
and recompiling.
The default keyboard-bindings include:
.B Mod1\-b
Toggles the panel on and off.
.B Mod1\-Backspace
Focus the window with an urgent hint.
Focus the appropriate desktop if needed.
.B Mod1\-Shift\-c
Close focused window.
.B Mod1\-j
Focus next window.
.B Mod1\-k
Focus previous window.
.B Mod1\-l
Increase master area size.
.B Mod1\-h
Decrease master area size.
.B Mod1\-o
Shrink the size of the first stack window.
.B Mod1\-p
Grow the size of the first stack window.
.B Mod1\-Ctrl\-h
focus the previous desktop.
.B Mod1\-Ctrl\-l
focus the next desktop.
.B Mod1\-Shift\-h
focus the previous desktop that has windows open.
.B Mod1\-Shift\-l
focus the next desktop that has windows open.
.B Mod1\-Tab
Toggles to the last selected desktop.
.B Mod1\-Return
Swaps the focused window to/from master area (tiled layouts only).
.B Mod1\-Shift\-j
Move the focussed window down the stack
.B Mod1\-Shift\-k
Move the focussed window up the stack
.B Mod1\-Shift\-t
Sets tiled layout.
.B Mod1\-Shift\-m
Sets monocle layout.
.B Mod1\-Shift\-b
Sets bottom stack layout
.B Mod1\-Shift\-g
Sets grid layout
.B Mod1\-Shift\-f
Sets float layout
.B Mod1\-Shift\-r
Quit with exit value 0 (usefull for restarts of the wm).
.B Mod1\-Shift\-q
Quit with exit value 1 (differentiate quit from restart).
.B Mod1\-Shift\-Return
.BR xterm (1).
.B Mod4\-v
.BR dmenu (1).
.B MOD4\-{Down,Up,Right,Left} Arrow
move the current window to the corresponding direction.
.B MOD4\-Shift\-{Down,Up,Right,Left} Arrow
resize the current window to the corresponding direction.
.B Mod1\-F{1..n}
Move to the nth workspace. By default,
.I monsterwm
is configured with four workspaces.
The setting in
.I config.h
defines whether the focus should change on
the new desktop, where the window moved to.
.B Mod1\-Shift\-F{1..n}
Move focused window to nth workspace.
The default mouse-bindings include:
.B Mod1\-Button1
Dragging the mouse will move the selected window
.B Mod1\-Button3
Dragging the mouse will resize the selected window
.B Mod4\-Button3
will bring up
.I dmenu
.SS Customization
.I monsterwm
is customized by copying
.I config.def.h
.I config.h
and (re)compiling the source code.
settings among others covered above include:
set the size of the master area that
will be used by the master window
set the default tiling mode to be active on startup
whether new stack clients should spawn as the master window,
or the last stack window
whether to focus the window the mouse just entered
whether to follow the window to the new desktop where it moved
whether an action on a window (eg clicking, or scrolling)
will give the window focus. Disabling this gives the user
the ability to, for example, look up things on a web browser
but not lose focus from the terminal etc.
the width of the borders the windows have
the colors for the borders of focused and unfocused windows
the number of desktops to use
which desktop to focus by default
the minimum window size allowed. Prevents over resizing with
the mouse or keyboard (eg resizing the master area)
users can set
.B rules
on applications, by matching their
.B class
.B instance
name. The rules can specify on which
.B desktop
the application should start (or
.B -1
to signify the current desktop), whether the
.B focus
should change to that desktop, when the application starts
and whether the application should start on
.B floating
or tiled mode.
.BR dmenu (1)
.I monsterwm
is under active development. Please report all bugs to the author.
Ivan c00kiemon5ter Kanakarakis <ivan.kanak at>
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