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A c# wrapper for the (ProstoPleer) API
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Pleer.NET (Prostopleer) API

Build status

It's a C# wrapper for API. It takes care of all interacting with service (HTTP requests, authorization and mapping the JSON data to .NET classes).

Its only dependency is Newtonsoft.Json.


In scientific language, it's called the mp3 oriented file exchange service. We decided not to bother ourselves with scientific wordings and chose a very simple name - ProstoPleer. Here you can find good music to listen to, save and exchange using external services.

Getting started

Register app

To get started, you will need to register an application with It will provide you with an app_id and an app_key.

  • Go to, log in or register and click API. pic 1

  • Click Add file to create new app. Save app_id and app_key. pic 2

Authorize app

Before you can use any other method you should get access_token. Without it or with the wrong one all methods would throw InvalidOperationException. If it was thrown you forgot to authorize or your token expired.

Use any other API methods

Official documentation page. Enjoy!


Based on ProstoWinPleer by crowar.


  • Cross platform (Mono, Core)
  • ...
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