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Proton 3.16-6 Beta - for Elite Dangerous

@redmcg redmcg released this
· 77 commits to proton_3.16 since this release
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Warning: If updating from a previous custom version of Proton for Elite Dangerous - please ensure you have completed the install before deleting the old custom version. Deleting a Proton version that is still configured for use by Steam causes all Proton games to be deleted.

This release includes the same patches from Proton 3.16-5 Beta - for Elite Dangerous.

It also includes the same modifications to Proton to include a hook to allow custom install scripts. This allows Steam to install dotnet40 and vcrun2015 (both required for ED).

Once this custom version of Proton is extracted just run the script. This will download vcrun2015 and dotnet40 (if required) and create a custom install script that will be picked up by Proton when you next run Elite.

Note that the default location to where these install files are downloaded was changed from Proton 3.16-5 Beta.

Also note that during the install, step 3/3 is dotnet40 and it can take a minute or two to complete - so please be patient. Once it finishes it takes to 10-20 seconds for the Launcher to appear.

The full list of Elite Dangerous fixes placed on Proton version 3.16-6 Beta follow:

  • Crash during opening video
  • CRC Error when logging on to Frontier servers (by using wine64)
  • Freezing after a few minutes of game-play
  • Keyboard not working correctly
  • Fix for Launcher crash if IPv6 is disabled
  • A hack to MSI which reports WinXP (to allow vcrun2015 to install)

Please note that you use this release at your own risk with no guarantees. Please see the LICENSE for full terms and conditions.

Install instructions and trouble shooting guide have been moved to the Wiki.