A CanIUse.com extension for Brackets
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CanIUse Extension

Welcome to the initial release of the CanIUse Brackets extension. This extension wraps the remote data for caniuse.com, a site that provides capability stats for various web features amongst the top browsers. Currently this extension shows a subset of available browsers I think were most important, but this list could be changed as well.

To install, simply drag the brackets-caniuse folder to your Brackets/Edge Code extensions/user folder, reload your editor, and select "Show CanIUse" from the View menu.

Note - the display of individual features needs work. It is too tall vertically and will require you to scroll. I think that's bad, and that's where you can help. If you have any bright ideas for how to layout this data better, please fork the code and let me know. If you aren't familiar with Git and want to see even just some basic ideas, that would rock. Edit as of 10/2 - I think it is a bit better, but comments are still welcome.


10/2/2012: Modified feature layout and removed some console.logs 10/1/2012: Initial release