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Automated project initialization
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Alt Text

This will perform the following tasks:

  • Create a new project folder in your designated directory
  • Navigate into the folder
  • Initialize a git repository
  • Create a remote repository
  • Add remote to the local repository
  • Add a readme file
  • Perform initial stage, commit, push
  • Open the project folder in vscode


Clone the repository in your main project folder (where all of your project folders will reside).

git clone

Install PyGithub.

pip install --user PyGithub

Open bashrc via the following command:

sudo nano ~/.bashrc

Add the following lines to the end of the bashrc file. Replace the value of the PROJECT_PATH variable with your own value.

# github protomate
export PROJECT_PATH="your-own-project-path"           # e.g. /home/redowan/code/

function create() {
  python "${PROJECT_PATH}/protomate/src/" $1

Save the edit by ctrl+O and exit via pressing ctrl+x.

Source the bashrc file.

source ~/.bashrc

Run the App

To create a new project in your designated project folder, simply write:

create your-new-project-name

This should:

  • Prompt you to put your github credentials and repository name
  • Create a new local and remote git repository
  • Connect them and open vs code for you to start coding immediately
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