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Create a skin mix in a couple clicks.


This is a tool that aims to get rid the days of opening your skins folder, editing .png images and watching tutorials.

It makes tinkering and editing skins a walk in the park, providing an easy to use interface that requires no prior knowledge of skinning.


Go to the releases page to find downloads for other platforms.


Create a skin mix in seconds

  • Choose what hitcircles to use, what sounds you want etc.. and it's done! - no need to scour through your skins folder in file explorer.

  • Expand an option by clicking its arrow button to explore a myriad of sub-options; you can even choose a specific .png file!

Modify your existing skins

  • Want to quickly change the cursor of a skin, or multiple skins at once?

  • Or.. do you want to convert a skin to use a smooth cursor trail, instant-fading hitcircles or an invisible cursor?

  • A couple clicks and your modified skin is ready to go!

Manage your skins folder

  • A place to view a preview of your skin, duplicate or delete it from your system. Search for a skin and open it directly in osu!

  • Do you have loads of skins? You can hide skins so they don't show up in osu! + restore them at any time from the skin manager.


Feature requests and bug reports are more than welcome. If you are reporting a bug, attaching debug logs is optional but can be very useful for replication purposes. Steps to upload debug logs are shown on the issue template. To open an issue, go to the issue tracker.

If you wish to contribute in the form of pull requests, that is also welcomed. You can build from source using the .NET version of Godot 4.

Other links

Go to osu! forums post Donate

This project uses some assets from the osu-resources repository.

Features in osu! skin mixer such as deleting skins can be destructive, I cannot take responsibility for any damages to your osu! folder.