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Unofficial Java Installer

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Synology DSM package for installing the latest Oracle Java binaries on Synology NAS devices.

Installation on Synology NAS

Add the following Package Source to Synology DSM ► Package Center ► Settings ► Package Sources:

On install, the package will download the latest OpenJDK (250 MB) for your platform. This may take a while.

Installation on Linux

The shell script should work on any Linux device:

# Download the latest JDK into the current directory & link java to /usr/local/bin
curl -O
sh install

Installation on Windows

The get-java.ps1 PowerShell script requires Windows 8 or higher:

Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile get-java.ps1 -UseBasicParsing
powershell -File get-java.ps1 install

The script uses 7z to extract the *.tar.gz archive, but it will not modify JAVA_HOME or the PATH.

Supported Platforms

  • Linux ARM v6/v7 Hard Float ABI (armv7l)
  • Linux ARM v8 Hard Float ABI (armv8)
  • Linux x86 (i686)
  • Linux x64 (x86_64)
  • Windows x86 (x86)
  • Windows x64 (AMD64)
  • macOS x64(x86_64)

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SPK package for installing Oracle JDK on Synology NAS devices.




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