a ridiculously simple os x dashboard widget to pace (10+2)*5 work sessions.
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This is a very old repository and a project I've frankly lost interest in. I'm keeping its repo public on GH mostly for sentimental reasons. There are lots of other Pomodoro timers out there; I recommend trying one of those instead. :)

(10+2)5 OS X Dashboard Widget

A ridiculously simple widget to pace (10+2)*5 work sessions. Tells you when to "Start" and "Stop" working, and announces the passing hours (always 5 iterations, whether or not you've finished tasks early).

Punch the button once to start working. If you finish a task early, punch the button to skip to break. To stop the clock completely, punch the button during break (i.e., twice if it thinks you’re working).

Uses OS X's speech synthesizer to make inconspicuous announcements, so check your volume! As of 1.0.2, wee Growl notifications are sent out (thanks, Adam Wróbel , for the idea!)