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Redomino Flowsearch
Redomino Flowsearch is a new plugin for Plone CMS that provides an advanced search view optimized for Plone
accoding to its features, replacing Plone's default search tool.
Thanks to its tab-divided layout, it's much easier to set your search parameters compared to common,
long 'Advanced search' pages.
In Redomino Flowsearch the search activity is contextual, that is it always considers and notifies which is your
current position in the website, therefore the position you're searching in.
Furthermore, redomino.flowsearch features search parameters that have been capitalized according on Plone's
characteristics and provided information. Search parameters are:
- Search text
- Path
- Content types
- Date range
- Review state
- Contributors
- Sort results by...
.. figure::
:align: center
Flowsearch view
Real-time update of search results: for every change you apply to the parameters, search results are 'live', meaning
they are updated in real time; which means no more results page being refreshed or another page being opened.