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Termion is a pure Rust, bindless library for low-level handling, manipulating and reading information about terminals. This provides a full-featured alternative to Termbox.

Termion aims to be simple and yet expressive. It is bindless, meaning that it is not a front-end to some other library (e.g., ncurses or termbox), but a standalone library directly talking to the TTY.

Termion is quite convenient, due to its complete coverage of essential TTY features, providing one consistent API. Termion is rather low-level containing only abstraction aligned with what actually happens behind the scenes. For something more high-level, refer to inquirer-rs, which uses Termion as backend.

Termion generates escapes and API calls for the user. This makes it a whole lot cleaner to use escapes.

Supports Redox, Mac OS X, BSD, and Linux (or, in general, ANSI terminals).

A note on stability

This crate is stable.


termion = "*"

0.1.0 to 1.0.0 guide

This sample table gives an idea of how to go about converting to the new major version of Termion.

0.1.0 1.0.0
use termion::IntoRawMode use termion::raw::IntoRawMode
use termion::TermRead use termion::input::TermRead
stdout.color(color::Red); write!(stdout, "{}", color::Fg(color::Red));
stdout.color_bg(color::Red); write!(stdout, "{}", color::Bg(color::Red));
stdout.goto(x, y); write!(stdout, "{}", cursor::Goto(x, y));
color::rgb(r, g, b); color::Rgb(r, g, b) (truecolor)
x.with_mouse() MouseTerminal::from(x)


  • Raw mode.
  • TrueColor.
  • 256-color mode.
  • Cursor movement.
  • Text formatting.
  • Console size.
  • TTY-only stream.
  • Control sequences.
  • Termios control.
  • Password input.
  • Redox support.
  • Safe isatty wrapper.
  • Panic-free error handling.
  • Special keys events (modifiers, special keys, etc.).
  • Allocation-free.
  • Asynchronous key events.
  • Mouse input.
  • Carefully tested.
  • Detailed documentation on every item.

and much more.


Style and colors.

extern crate termion;

use termion::{color, style};

use std::io;

fn main() {
    println!("{}Red", color::Fg(color::Red));
    println!("{}Blue", color::Fg(color::Blue));
    println!("{}Blue'n'Bold{}", style::Bold, style::Reset);
    println!("{}Just plain italic", style::Italic);

Moving the cursor

extern crate termion;

fn main() {
    print!("{}{}Stuff", termion::clear::All, termion::cursor::Goto(1, 1));


extern crate termion;

use termion::event::{Key, Event, MouseEvent};
use termion::input::{TermRead, MouseTerminal};
use termion::raw::IntoRawMode;
use std::io::{Write, stdout, stdin};

fn main() {
    let stdin = stdin();
    let mut stdout = MouseTerminal::from(stdout().into_raw_mode().unwrap());

    write!(stdout, "{}{}q to exit. Click, click, click!", termion::clear::All, termion::cursor::Goto(1, 1)).unwrap();

    for c in {
        let evt = c.unwrap();
        match evt {
            Event::Key(Key::Char('q')) => break,
            Event::Mouse(me) => {
                match me {
                    MouseEvent::Press(_, x, y) => {
                        write!(stdout, "{}x", termion::cursor::Goto(x, y)).unwrap();
                    _ => (),
            _ => {}

Read a password

extern crate termion;

use termion::input::TermRead;
use std::io::{Write, stdout, stdin};

fn main() {
    let stdout = stdout();
    let mut stdout = stdout.lock();
    let stdin = stdin();
    let mut stdin = stdin.lock();

    stdout.write_all(b"password: ").unwrap();

    let pass = stdin.read_passwd(&mut stdout);

    if let Ok(Some(pass)) = pass {
    } else {


See examples/, and the documentation, which can be rendered using cargo doc.

For a more complete example, see a minesweeper implementation, that I made for Redox using termion.



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