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Extend documentation for `conc::sync::Treiber`.

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ticki committed Jun 8, 2017
1 parent 0c33627 commit 6fdacfdc8908f37376039c32558e3a02cbf0c147
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@@ -5,12 +5,23 @@ use std::{mem, ptr};
use {Atomic, Guard};

/// A Treiber stack.
/// Treiber stacks are one way to implement concurrent LIFO stack.
/// Treiber stacks builds on linked lists. They are lock-free and non-blocking. It can be compared
/// to transactional memory in that it repeats operations, if another thread changes it while.
/// The ABA problem is of course addressed through the API of this crate.
pub struct Treiber<T> {
/// The head node.
head: Atomic<Node<T>>,

/// A node in the stack.
struct Node<T> {
/// The data this node holds.
data: T,
/// The next node.
next: *const Node<T>,

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