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A DB interface written in Rails
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/!\ Warning /!\ This is an alpha released of our Railsrumble 48hr-project (Rails rumble 2008). You should NOT use rbDB in production yet. We’ll develop missing features in the next days/weeks.


You can see the demo here :

Official website

Right here :

Found a bug?

Tell us on lighthouse:


rbDB is a web-based mysql database administration bringing conventions to database administration

Why this project ?

We found phpMyAdmin boring, ugly and feature-less.

So what’s the difference ?

  • Smart browsing between tables
  • Smart display of foreign keys and fields
  • Smart graphs and relation between tables
  • Quick access to databases and tables
  • Memorize the last tables visited and SQL queries executed
  • In place edit on fields
  • No need of PHP anymore on your production server !
  • Designed RESTfully
  • Classic features you need like custom SQL requests, insert, search…
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