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Redpanda is a streaming data platform for developers. Kafka® API-compatible. ZooKeeper® free. JVM free. We built it from the ground up to eliminate complexity common to Apache Kafka, improve performance by up to 10x, and make the storage architecture safer, and more resilient. The simpler devex lets you focus on your code (instead of fighting Kafka) and develop new use cases that were never before possible. The business benefits from a significantly lower total cost and faster time to market. A new platform that scales with you from the smallest projects to petabytes of data distributed across the globe!


Slack is the main way the community interacts with one another in real-time :)

Github Discussion is preferred for longer, async, thoughtful discussions

GitHub Issues is reserved only for actual issues. Please use the mailing list for discussions.

Code of conduct code of conduct for the community

Contributing docs

Getting Started

Prebuilt Packages

We recommend using our free & prebuilt stable releases below.

On MacOS

Simply download our rpk binary here. We require Docker on MacOS

brew install redpanda-data/tap/redpanda && rpk container start

On Debian/Ubuntu

curl -1sLf \
  '' \
  | sudo -E bash

sudo apt-get install redpanda

On Fedora/RedHat/Amazon Linux

curl -1sLf \
  '' \
  | sudo -E bash

sudo yum install redpanda

On Other Linux

To install from a .tar.gz archive, download the file and extract it into /opt/redpanda.

For amd64:

curl -LO \

For arm64:

curl -LO \

Replace 22.3.3 with the appropriate version you are trying to download.

GitHub Actions

    - name: start redpanda
      uses: redpanda-data/github-action@v0.1.3
        version: "latest"

Now you should be able to connect to redpanda (kafka-api) running at localhost:9092

Build Manually

We provide a very simple build system that uses your system libraries. We recommend users leverage our pre-built stable releases which are vetted, tested, and reproducible with exact versions of the entire transitive dependency graph, including exact compilers all built from source. The only thing we do not build yet is the Linux Kernel, but soon!

Currently clang 16 is required. We test the open-source build nightly using Fedora 38.

sudo ./
cmake --preset release
cmake --build --preset release

For quicker dev setup, we provide a docker image with the toolchain installed.

Release candidate builds

We create a release candidate (RC) build when we get close to a new release and publish these to make new features available for testing. RC builds are not recommended for production use.

RC releases on Debian/Ubuntu

curl -1sLf \
  '' \
  | sudo -E bash

sudo apt-get install redpanda

RC releases on Fedora/RedHat/Amazon Linux

curl -1sLf \
  '' \
  | sudo -E bash

sudo yum install redpanda

RC releases on Docker

This is an example with the v23.1.1-rc1 version prior to the 23.1.1 release.

docker pull