Remember - A typographic installation shown at The Future of Storytelling conference 2013
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Remember - Future of Storytelling 2013

“Remember” is a typographic installation inspired by wooden push toys, that allows you to move physical letters with your mind. Created by Red Paper Heart as part of the Story Arcade at the Future of Storytelling conference, Oct 3rd, 2013 - New York City


Arduino app that connects to the Mindwave reader via bluetooth, parses the input and outputs it to a servo motor with a certain logic. When it's not receiving good or any data from the brainwave reader it automatically defaults to manual control via a potentiometer.

It uses the following components:

Wired the following way:

Remember schematics

The Arduino code to parse the Mindwave data is based on the following sample from Neurosky, with some small modifications to make it non-blocking.

That sample includes a tutorial on how to pair the BlueSmirf with the Mindwave headset. Another good resource on setting up the Bluetooth module can be found here

For a detailed view of our process and experiments, feel free to check the dev branch of this repository.