RedPen plugin for Intellij IDEA and other JetBrains IDEs
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RedPen plugin for Intellij IDEA and other JetBrains IDEs


This plugin integrates RedPen text validation into IDEA and other Intellij products by adding a new RedPen inspection.



  • Validates text with RedPen as you type
  • Supports Plain Text, Properties, Markdown and AsciiDoc file formats (make sure the relevant plugins are also installed)
  • Some validation errors can be fixed via quick fix (Alt+Enter)
  • Validation error messages can also be listed by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R or via menu Analyze -> RedPen: List Errors.
  • RedPen configuration can be modified in Settings -> Editor -> RedPen
  • Supports all default RedPen languages and variants (English, Japanese)
  • Language and variant are autodetected for each file and can be manually overridden per file via status bar widget
  • Settings are stored per project under .idea/redpen directory, so can be shared with fellow developers
  • Custom dictionaries can be put to .idea/redpen directory and JavaScriptValidator scripts can be put to .idea/redpen/js.


The plugin is available in the official JetBrains Plugin Repository.

Open Settings -> Plugins -> Browse Repository, and search for "RedPen".

For developers Build Status

Setup Intellij IDEA

The steps you need to perform to run/debug the project:

  1. Fetch dependencies. For the project to compile you need to fetch dependencies into lib directory: ant deps

  2. Setup Intellij Platform SDK. Open this directory as a project in IntelliJ IDEA and setup Intellij Platform SDK for the project via Project Structure -> Project Settings -> Project -> Project SDK. If valid Intellij IDEA SDK is missing from the list, then press New... -> Intellij Platform Plugin SDK, choose IDEA installation path and Java version 1.8. Please name the SDK as IntelliJ IDEA SDK to keep project files unmodified.

invalid SDK

  1. Run configuration "Plugin". New instance of IDEA will start in a sandbox with the plugin activated, where you can create a dummy project for testing or open any existing project, which contains plain text or other supported files. Note: if you are testing other types of files that need additional plugins (e.g. markdown), then install the corresponding plugin again in the sandboxed IDEA.


To build the plugin on command-line you will still need libs from a copy of Intellij IDEA.

You can download the necessary files from the latest IDEA Community Edition into idea subdirectory:

ant download-idea

Then you can buld the plugin and run the unit tests:

ant all

To publish the current build to JetBrains Plugin Repository, set environment variables $JETBRAINS_USER and $JETBRAINS_PWD, then:

ant publish

Publishing is done by Travis on every successful build. The repository normally accepts new releases only if plugin version in META-INF/plugin.xml has changed.

Please update META-INF/plugin.xml with the new version and change-notes for every release.