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#ifndef _DECODER_H_
#define _DECODER_H_
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>
#include <boost/program_options/variables_map.hpp>
#include "weights.h" // weight_t
#undef CP_TIME
//#define CP_TIME
#ifdef CP_TIME
#include <time.h>
struct CpTime{
static void Add(clock_t x);
static void Sub(clock_t x);
static double Get();
static clock_t time_;
class SentenceMetadata;
struct Hypergraph;
struct DecoderImpl;
struct DecoderObserver {
virtual ~DecoderObserver();
virtual void NotifyDecodingStart(const SentenceMetadata& smeta);
virtual void NotifySourceParseFailure(const SentenceMetadata& smeta);
virtual void NotifyTranslationForest(const SentenceMetadata& smeta, Hypergraph* hg);
virtual void NotifyAlignmentFailure(const SentenceMetadata& semta);
virtual void NotifyAlignmentForest(const SentenceMetadata& smeta, Hypergraph* hg);
virtual void NotifyDecodingComplete(const SentenceMetadata& smeta);
struct Grammar; // TODO once the decoder interface is cleaned up,
// this should be somewhere else
struct Decoder {
Decoder(int argc, char** argv);
Decoder(std::istream* config_file);
bool Decode(const std::string& input, DecoderObserver* observer = NULL);
// access this to either *read* or *write* to the decoder's last
// weight vector (i.e., the weights of the finest past)
std::vector<weight_t>& CurrentWeightVector();
const std::vector<weight_t>& CurrentWeightVector() const;
void SetId(int id);
const boost::program_options::variables_map& GetConf() const { return conf; }
// add grammar rules (currently only supported by SCFG decoders)
// that will be used on subsequent calls to Decode. rules should be in standard
// text format. This function does NOT read from a file.
void AddSupplementalGrammar(boost::shared_ptr<Grammar> gp);
void AddSupplementalGrammarFromString(const std::string& grammar_string);
boost::program_options::variables_map conf;
boost::shared_ptr<DecoderImpl> pimpl_;
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