Decoder, aligner, and model optimizer for statistical machine translation and other structured prediction models based on (mostly) context-free formalisms
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cdec is a research platform for machine translation and similar structured prediction problems.

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System requirements

  • A Linux or Mac OS X system
  • A C++ compiler implementing at least the C++-11 standard
    • Some systems may have compilers that predate C++-11 support.
    • You may need to build your own C++ compiler or upgrade your operating system's.
  • Boost C++ libraries (version 1.44 or later)
    • If you build your own boost, you must install it using bjam install (to install it into a customized location use --prefix=/path/to/target).
  • GNU Flex
  • cmake - (NEW)

Building the software

Build instructions:

cmake .
make -j4
make test

Further information

For more information, refer to the cdec documentation


If you make use of cdec, please cite:

C. Dyer, A. Lopez, J. Ganitkevitch, J. Weese, F. Ture, P. Blunsom, H. Setiawan, V. Eidelman, and P. Resnik. cdec: A Decoder, Alignment, and Learning Framework for Finite-State and Context-Free Translation Models. In Proceedings of ACL, July, 2010. [bibtex] [pdf]