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pycdec is a Python interface to cdec


Build and install pycdec:

python setup.py install

Alternatively, run python setup.py build_ext --inplace and add the python/ directory to your PYTHONPATH.

To re-build pycdec from the cython source, modify setup.py in the following ways:

  • Add this input statement: from Cython.Build import cythonize
  • Change the source file from cdec/_cdec.cpp to cdec/_cdec.pyx
  • Add language='c++' as a property to ext_modules (e.g. right after extra_link_args)
  • In the final setup block, change ext_modules=ext_modules to ext_modules=cythonize(ext_modules)

Then just build and install normally, as described above.

Grammar extractor

Compile a parallel corpus and a word alignment into a suffix array representation:

python -m cdec.sa.compile -f f.txt -e e.txt -a a.txt -o output/ -c extract.ini

Or, if your parallel corpus is in a single-file format (with source and target sentences on a single line, separated by a triple pipe |||), use:

python -m cdec.sa.compile -b f-e.txt -a a.txt -o output/ -c extract.ini

Extract grammar rules from the compiled corpus:

cat input.txt | python -m cdec.sa.extract -c extract.ini -g grammars/ -z

This will create per-sentence grammar files in the grammars directory and output annotated input suitable for translation with cdec.

Extract rules in stream mode:

python -m cdec.sa.extract -c extract.ini -t -z	

This will enable stdio interaction with the following types of lines:

Extract grammar:

context ||| sentence ||| grammar_file

Learn (online mode, specify context name):

context ||| sentence ||| reference ||| alignment

Drop (online mode, specify context name):

context ||| drop

Library usage

A basic demo of pycdec's features is available in examples/test.py. Other examples are given in the paper describing pycdec.

More documentation will come as the API becomes stable.

pycdec was contributed by Victor Chahuneau