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rCTF is redpwnCTF's CTF platform. It is developed and maintained by the redpwn CTF team.


Design Goals

We have designed rCTF with a focus on these attributes:

  • scalability
  • simplicity
  • customizability

To read more about our motivations for creating this project, see here.

Getting Started



The automatic installation script works on Debian-based distributions and Arch Linux. It depends on curl. Feel free to read the script before running this command as root (it's fairly short).

# curl | sh


For manual deployment, clone the repository and run install/ as root.

$ git clone
$ cd rctf
# ./install/
# docker-compose up -d

rCTF CLI Management Tool

screenshot of tool

The rCTF CLI management tool makes management of your rCTF installation simple. It is installed by default through the automatic installation script; however, if you have installed rCTF manually, you may install the tool by running:

# pip3 install rctf-cli

To read more about its usage, see the wiki page or the GitHub repository.

Starting rCTF

# rctf up

Stopping rCTF

# rctf down

Upgrading rCTF

# rctf update

Deploying Challenges to rCTF

Using rDeploy

If you use rDeploy, you can automatically import the problem data using the below command:

# rctf deploy /path/to/challenge/directory/
Without rDeploy

This is currently not supported, but it will be in the near future.


We would love your help! Please see our

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