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A super simple parallax-like jquery plugin

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by John Tajima, Copyright 2010

A super simple parallax-like jQuery plugin.

Define any HTML element you want to have move with the following data attributes:
 data-scrollFactor => +/- times the scroll amount (ie: 0.5 moves 1/2 the amount of scroll, -0.8 moves .8 times in the opposite direction)
 data-scrollStart  => absolute px from top when you want to the scroll factor to take effect
 data-scrollEnd    => absolute px from top when you wish to ignore scroll factor
Define in css the elements to be position:fixed and any other important values, such as z-index.

<div class="layer1" data-scrollFactor="0.5" data-scrollStart="100" data-scrollEnd="300">My parallax element</div>
<div class="layer2" data-scrollFactor="-0.3" data-scrollStart="200" data-scrollEnd="500">My parallax element moves up instead</div>


* Not tested in IE!

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