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Fixes filename too long on ecryptfs

Fixes problems with encrypted partitions, the default
assumes the max filename length to be ~255, but this
is not always the case.
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commit 937819cf630c64e9dd13e0d683f94b923bc41708 1 parent 4d1cd5f
@redross authored
3  lib/ci/reporter/report_manager.rb
@@ -43,7 +43,8 @@ def filename_for(suite)
# shorten basename if it exceeds 240 characters
# most filesystems have a 255 character limit
# so leave some room for the sidesteps
- basename = basename[0..MAX_FILENAME_SIZE] if basename.length > MAX_FILENAME_SIZE
+ max_filename_size = (ENV['MAX_FILENAME_SIZE'] || MAX_FILENAME_SIZE).to_i
+ basename = basename[0..max_filename_size] if basename.length > max_filename_size
# the initial filename, e.g. SPEC-MailsController.xml
filename = [basename, suffix].join(".")
14 spec/ci/reporter/report_manager_spec.rb
@@ -50,6 +50,20 @@ {|f| == "<xml></xml>"}
+ it "should shorten extremely long report filenames to custom length" do
+ reporter ="spec")
+ suite = mock("test suite")
+ very_long_name = "some test suite name that goes on and on and on and on and on and on and does not look like it will end any time soon and just when you think it is almost over it just continues to go on and on and on and on and on until it is almost over but wait there is more and then el fin"
+ suite.should_receive(:name).and_return(very_long_name)
+ suite.should_receive(:to_xml).and_return("<xml></xml>")
+ reporter.write_report(suite)
+ filename = "#{REPORTS_DIR}/SPEC-#{very_long_name}"[0..170].gsub(/\s/, '-') + ".xml"
+ filename.length.should be_<= 188
+ File.exist?(filename).should be_true
+ {|f| == "<xml></xml>"}
+ end
it "sidesteps existing files by adding an incrementing number" do
filename = "#{REPORTS_DIR}/SPEC-colliding-test-suite-name.xml"
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