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Mastodon client for old windows-based personal computers
Visual Basic .NET
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Awsom is a GNU/Social / Mastodon / Pleroma client written from scratch in (sic!) VB6. It's target are retro computers which can handle displaying a feed of messages with or without images, but can't properly render the web UI. Currently, awsom will run on everything with OS greater than Windows 2000, and probably on Windows 98SE with KernelEx, but I'm working on a version that will support everything from Windows 95 up.

To run the code, you'll need curl binary - obtain yours from curl's website, or get it from the latest awsom's binary release. In the future, I plan to add wget and/or libcurl support as well.

Awsom is in active development state - feel free to contribute.

Working features

  • Displaying a feed
  • Sending toots
  • GUI form for setting up the client (API token, instance name)

Broken/WIP features

  • Likes (code needs a rewrite, because event handling sucks)
  • Retoots
  • Replies
  • Notifications
  • Instance feed
  • Federated feed
  • Images/Videos
  • URLs
  • parsing &apos, &lt, &gt and a few others
  • icons (they'll come.)
  • other cool stuff
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