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for the time when you want to watch something with friends in sync over the net


  • mpv --script client.lua - for clients
  • mpv --script master.lua - for room hosts

Remember: there can be multiple room clients, but there can be only one host.


Client side

  1. Install lua lua-dev luarocks5.2 mpv
  2. # luarocks install httpclient
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

Server/OP side

  1. Modify index.php - set the password and such
  2. Host the file somewhere available from both sides. It will act as a backend server
  3. Distribute or host configured client.lua for others
  4. Configure your own master.lua and use it as a controller
  5. ???
  6. Even more profit!


  • If mpv crashes miserably, you might have installed a plugin for a wrong version of lua. Check what version is in use by mpv (look at error paths) and what version is in use by luarocks; If they're different, install luarocks for apropriate lua version and then repeat httpclient installation
  • Unencrypted pass over raw http is always a good idea (as in, don't use your real password...)
  • Dropped frames shouldn't be a problem, but slow connection could
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