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# Beta v1.2 Updates
1. Minor tweaks and grammar fixes from 1.1.
2. Changed Splint Mail to "Add SETBACK when performing Athletics or Coordination checks." instead of a boost.
3. Added City Guard Captain to printable NPC card sheets and re-ordered cards.
4. Optimized .pdf export process - shrank file size from 125mb to 50mb (PLEASE REPORT ANY ERRORS IN PDF FILE)
1. Replaced Coercion from Bonus skills with Resilience
2. Natural Scrapper: Changed the name of Natural Scrapper to Natural Warrior, as it fits the skills better
3. Field Improvements: Changed Custom Gear to Field Improvements: Give 1 piece of armor or shield a permanent improvement while it remains in use. Increase armor's ranged or melee defense by one. The bonus only applies so long as the character is using the item. May only apply Field Improvements to one personal weapon or piece or armor.
4. Armor Master: Changed the title of the talent E3 from Armor Master to Experienced Soldier, as it is different to the talent in C2
5. Corrected the cost of Talent in D4 - Current cost is 5 when it should be 20
6. Armor Training: Changed title to Heavy Armor Training and skill to "Heavy Armor Training: Reduce encumbrance of worn armor by 1 per rank of Armor Training and Heavy Armor Training. In addition, Heavy Armor training reduces SETBACK by 1 OR reduces casting difficulty by 1 for worn armor of encumbrance 4 and higher.
1. Shield Wall: Changed to name to Knight’s Defense and the wording to “As a maneuver the character may spend 2 strain and make an Average Resilience check, if successful upgrade the difficulty of all incoming melee and ranged attacked by one for a number of rounds equal to SUCCESS. Cannot be used in conjunction with Dodge.”
2. Human Shield: Changed name to Barricade and wording to: “When taking damage while Knight's Defense is active, the character may spend strain equal to shield’s defense rating to increase soak value by same amount”
3. Jolt: Changed name to Rebuff and wording to “Attackers that fail to damage the character benefiting from Knight’s Defense are disoriented for 1 round.”
4. Shield Wall: Reduced the area the slot takes up to only C1 and C2 (freeing C3) Change wording to “When Knight’s Defense is active, as a maneuver the character may spend 2 strain to provide the defense rating of his equipped shield to another character in engaged range.”
5. Rushing Defense: Renamed to Knight’s Aid and change the wording to “When activating the Shield Wall maneuver the character may move from Medium Range to engaged with a friendly character by spending one strain”.
6. Range Talent: Removed and replaced with Ease of Burden “Using Knight's Aid no longer costs additional strain” and change cost to 10
7. Dig In: Renamed to Stand Fast and change wording to “Knight's Defense now upgrades incoming melee and ranged attacks for one plus one for each 2 ADVANTAGE used”
8. Stun: Changed Name to Improved Rebuff and the wording to “Attackers that fail to damage the character benefiting from Knight’s Defense are now staggered for 1 round”
9. Shield Bash: Changed the ability from a maneuver to an action “When equipped with a Shield, the character may make a Melee check against an engaged target. If successful, deal damage equal to Brawn plus SUCCESS and disorient the target for one round” Strain cost 2 Cost 10. The Melee check is as per normal rules for melee attacks
10. New Ability C3: Stalwart Shield, increase the defense rating of equipped shield by 1. Link to C4 and D3, cost 10
11. Shield Bash C4: Changed name to Improved Shield Bash wording to “When performing the Shield Bash action, the target is disoriented for a number of rounds equal to the equipped shield’s defense rating” removed strain cost.
12. Shield Bash D3: Changed name to Sword and Shield and wording to “When performing a melee attack, spend 2 strain to gain BOOST equal to equipped Shield’s defense rating” changed strain cost to 2
13. Shield Stun: Changed name to Supreme Shield Bash and the wording to “When performing the Shield Bash action, the character may spend TRIUMPH to stagger the target for 1 round” Remove strain cost, changed XP cost to 15.
14. Shield Throw: Changed wording to “The character may suffer an additional 2 stain to perform the Shield Bash action at short range. The action is performed by making a Ranged check. The character may not benefit from having a shield equipped until the start of next round when the shield returns” Removed the range subtext from the talent, changed cost to 15.
15. Shield Throw: Changed to Improved Shield Throw and the wording to “When performing the Shield Bash action at range the character will benefit from having a shield equipped as the shield returns immediately.” Removed the range subtext from the talent, changed cost to 10.
1. Strong Arm - Changed wording to “Increase the range of thrown weapons by 1 per rank of Strong Arm”
2. Defensive Stance A1 - Changed to Lethal Blows
3. Dualist - Moved to E1, replacing Strong Arm
4. Parry - Renamed to Fencing Master. This is because players may be confused with Parry from EotE and you may want to include Parry from EotE in the future.
5. Replaced Experienced Dualist with Toughened
6. Replaced Toughened with Strong Arm
6. Replaced Grit from B2 with Precise Strike from D3. The character will benefit from accessing the tools of their talent tree early and to also balance the other changes
7. Defensive Stance D1 - Replaced with Knockdown
8. Swapped Precise Strike from C3 with Blademaster from E4.
9. BladeMaster - Removed the Strain cost to activate as the talent is now more expensive to get to and better matches the talent from EotE
10. Finishing Strike - Changed to Flashing Steel and wording to “When attacking with two weapons you may allocate additional hits to other targets in range”
11. Hurl - Changed wording to “The character may treat melee weapons with encumbrance of 2 as throwing weapons with Limited Ammo 1.”
12. Replaced Experienced Dualist with Dancer’s Draw with wording “The character may draw or holster a weapon or item as an incidental action a number of times a round equal to ranks in Coordination.”
13. Replace Blademaster E4 with Natural Warrior “Once per session the character may re-reroll any 1 Melee or Ranged check”
1. Dance of Death - edited the wording to “As a maneuver spend 4 strain and make an Average Coordination check. For each net SUCCESS gain BOOST to all Melee and Ranged checks until the end of the encounter. For each net DISADVANTAGE gain SETBACK on all other checks until the end of the encounter. DESPAIR can be used to make SETBACK last until end of session”.
2. Perfect Focus - Renamed Fencer’s Dance and change wording to “While Dance of Death is active, as a maneuver the character may spend 1 strain up to ranks in Athletics or Cunning to upgrade the difficulty of all incoming Melee checks by an equal number until the start of the character’s next round.”
3. Challenge - Changed the wording to “As a maneuver, once per round the character may spend 3 strain to challenge an enemy within short range. Make an opposed Coercion vs Discipline roll. If successful the enemy must attack the character for a number of rounds equal to SUCCESS and suffers SETBACK equal to ADVANTAGES on their combat check.”
4. Not Left Handed - Changed the check type from Athletics to Deception.
5. Calm Breathing - Replaced with Perfect Focus and change wording to “While Dance of Death is active DISADVANTAGE on Melee and Ranged checks can’t be used to lose strain” increase the cost to 15
6. Cornered - Changed the wording to “When engaged in melee by multiple opponents the character may spend DESPAIR from his opponent rolls to force their attack to hit another opponent.”
7. Magnitude D2 - Replaced with Focused Challenge with the wording “May ignore all SETBACK caused by Dance of Death when using Challenge.”
8. Magnitude E2 - Replaced with Roaring Challenge with the wording “After a successful Challenge check, may force an additional number of targets at short range to attack the player equal to ranks in Coercion."
9. Close the Distance - Changed the wording to “As an action the character may spend 3 strain to perform an attack with a throwing weapon within Medium range. If the attack is successful the character may move directly to engage with a target.”
10. Striking Distance - Change wording to “When performing the Close the Distance action the character may spend 2 ADVANTAGE to upgrade his next melee combat check against that target."
11. Offhand Throw - Reduced strain cost to 2
12. Wary Distance - Changed the name to Faster than the Eye and the wording to “Increase your melee and ranged defense by 1 until the start of your next turn after performing Close the Distance.”
13. Swapped Offhand Throw from D3 and Faster than the Eye from D4
14. Chain Attack - Change wording to “After a successful Close the Distance attack, the character may suffer 2 strain to immediately attack one enemy as a maneuver.”
1. Animal Bond - Replaced with Defensive Training
2. Defensive Riding B1 - Replaced with Support Tactics
3. Grit B2 - Replaced with Defensive Riding
4. Defensive Training B3 - Replaced with Command
5. Command C1 - Replaced with Call to Arms wording as per Field Commander from EotE
6. Support Tactics C3 - Replaced with Rallying Cry wording as per Inspiring Rhetoric from EotE
7. Defensive Training D3 - Replaced with Improved Rallying Cry wording as per Improved Inspiring Rhetoric from EotE
8. Lethal Blows D4 - Replaced with Toughened
9. Shared Pain E1 - Replaced with Improved Call to Arms wording as per Improved Field Commander from EotE
10. Toughened E2 - Replaced with Dedication
11. Dedication E3 - Replaced with Master Leader
12. Master Leader E4 - Replaced with Defensive Positioning wording as “Make an average Leadership check, 1 ally per SUCCESS gains melee and ranged defense equal to 1 + 1 for each ADVANTAGE+ADVANTAGE spent for 1 round.”
13. Dodge A4 - Replaced with Toughened
14. Dodge C4 - Replaced with Grit
1. A1-A4 - Replaced by Dragoon Leap wording as “The Dragoon takes to the sky to attack his foes and aid his friends. As a maneuver make an Athletics check to leap vertically with difficulty and strain based on distance leapt. Short Range 1 d costs 1 strain, Medium Range 2 dd costs 2 strain, Long Range 3 ddd costs 3 strain. You fall one range band at the end of each round and suffer no damage on landing from Dragoon Leap.” Cost 10 Linked to B1/B2, B3 and B4
2. B1/B2 - Replaced with Animal Bond wording as “Develop a long-term bond with a single animal of silhouette equal to ranks in Leadership. In combat the bonded animal acts on its own initiative and the character may may Leadership checks to provide commands to the animal. If the animal dies, the character may not bond again for a number of sessions equal to the silhouette and suffers 1 SETBACK on all checks during this time” Cost 10 Linked to C1 and C2
3. B3 - Replaced with Falling with Style wording as “When the character is in the air they may move one range band horizontally for each range band he travels down.” Cost 5 Linked to C3/C4
4. B4 - Replaced with Leaf on the Wind wording as “When the character is in the air they may perform Dragoon Leap spending double the normal strain cost.” cost 10 Linked to C3/C4
5. C1 - Replaced with Overwhelming Will wording as “Spend 2 strain to make an average Discipline check, to inflict 1 strain per SUCCESS to a single target within medium range. Spend 2 ADVANTAGE to add another target” Cost 10 Link to D1
6. C2 - Replaced with Empathic Link wording as “You and your mount have limited communication through nonverbal means, eliminating the need to make Leadership checks to provide commands. In addition both the character and the animal can see through the other’s eyes and know the feelings of the other.” Cost 5 Link to D2
7. C3/C4 - Replaced with Skybreaker wording as “As an action spend 2 strain to fall from the sky, moving from a maximum of Long range to engaged and make a melee attack against an target. Your weapon gains the Linked quality for each range band moved through. May be performed while mounted on bonded animal.” Cost 10 Link to D3 and D4
8. D1 - Replaced Force of Will wording as “Spend 2 strain to make an opposed Discipline vs Discipline check against a target up to medium range. Can force the target to adopt an emotional state or believe something untrue for rounds (in combat) or minutes (in narrative) equal to SUCCESS.” Cost 15 link to E1
9. D2 - Replaced with Shared Pain wording as “When bonded animal suffers damage after soak, as an incidental the character may halve the damage. The character then suffers the difference.” Cost 10 link to E2
10. D3 - Replaced with Lightning Strike wording as “When performing the Skybreaker action, spend 1 strain to gain BOOST equal to each range band moved through” Cost 10 Link to D4 and E3
11. D4 - Replaced with As the Wind wording as “If the character has moved through 2 range band this round increase melee and ranged defense 1” Cost 5 link to D3 and E4
12. E1 - Replaced with Bent Will wording as “Spend 3 strain to make an opposed Discipline vs Discipline check. Can force the target to follow the character’s orders for rounds (combat) or minutes (narrative) equal to SUCCESS. If target is in combat or forced to harm himself or allies upgrade his pool once.” Cost 20
13. E2 - Replaced with As One wording as “The character’s bonded animal gains the benefit of any defense rating or dodge maneuvers that the character is benefitting from. In addition the bonded animal may perform the Skybreaker, if purchased, by itself” Cost 15
14. E3 - Replaced with Meteor Strike wording as “When performing the Skybreaker action, the character may strike the ground, spending strain based on range bands moved through and dealing damage to all characters in an area as described below. The character and bonded animal (if being ridden) suffer half this damage, ignoring soak. Short Range cost 2 strain deal 10 damage to all in engaged range, Medium Range cost 4 strain dealing 15 damage to all in short range, Long Range cost 6 strain deal 25 damage to all in medium range.” Cost 20
15. E4 - Replaced with Together We Fly wording as “Spend 2 strain to make an average Leadership Check. If successful one ally may use Dragoon Leap for a number of rounds equal to SUCCESS. Spend 2 ADVANTAGE to increase the number of targets by one. Spend TRIUMPH to allow one ally to use Falling with Style and Leaf on the Wind if purchased” Cost 20