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Slack bot for standup meetings
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An open-source simple standup meeting assistant for Slack.

In addition to being useful in of itself, scrumbot illustrates the advanced serverless programming features that the Red Sift platform provides.

  • Multiple serverless functions working together to provide a complete application
  • Statefulness via a builtin key/value store
  • Select and join on stores to allow map/reduce and many other patterns
  • A single JSON file to specify the complete Direct Acyclic Graph and all inputs and outputs.
  • Desktop development environment and simple deployment via Github.
  • Nice visualisations (see below)

Scrumbot DAG


You can install the Scrumbot from its Web page.


This repository contains a branch (tutorial) which reflects the screencast on how to write a scrumbot on YouTube, and a slightly different one (release) which reflects the version used for the Slack directory. The tutorial omits some details required for submission to the Slack App directory, like the help command, and some code which covers edge conditions.


Feel free to fork the project and use it as you wish. If you think that others might benefit from your changes, send us a pull request.

About Redsift

This bot was built using Red Sift. for more information on our serverless computation platform please refer to our docs.



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