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LibbieOffice splash

Universal (if not, then fix and commit) LibreOffice image replacement script


Download and run just, or download the whole repo and run The script is designed to be portable - it creates a separate directory called libbie_icons, and then it downloads everything into it unless run with --local.


./ [--local] [--all] [--splash (splashname)] [--theme] [--icons]

  • --local - do not download images; useful if you've downloaded the whole repo
  • --all - replace everything
  • --splash - replace just splash OR specify splash name to be installed with --all
  • --theme - replace just the theme
  • --icons - replace just the icons

Splash can be one of:

  • default - LibbieOffice splash supplied by anon from
  • libbie_blue - LibbieOffice splash supplied by the same anon; Blue eye version
  • libbie_no8ch, libbie_blue_no8ch - same as above, but without 8ch watermark
  • libre - the original splash with Libbie instead of 5
  • libre_alt - splash by KarlFish
  • all - download all splashes, install default. does nothing if executed with --local