A concise explanation of the core aspects of Holacracy.
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Holacracy Cheat Sheet

Holacracy is a process and a structure to distribute authority within an organization. It's important to note that the basic structure of Holacracy is a hierarchy, and that leadership roles are assigned from the top down.


Role: A set of accountablities that the role-player is responsbible for.

Circle: When a role's accountabilities become bigger than one person, a sub-circle is formed. A circle contains multiple roles.

Tension: Dissonance created by a gap between current reality and a desired reality.

Rep Link: A circle's representive to their parent circle. They sense their circle's tensions, and ensure these tensions are processed.

Lead Link: The link between a circle and its sub-circle. Has sole power to assign people to roles in the sub-circle.

Secretary: Interprets the Holocracy constitution and her/his circle's governance in order to produce good outcomes from holacratic meetings.

Facilitator: Ensures that tactical and governance meetings are run according to the holacratic process.

Tactical process

Governance process

Strategy process

Fun fact: Holacracy comes from the word Holon.