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m2lang - The LLVM-based Modula-2 compiler

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See this FOSDEM 2019 talk for some details.

Implementation decisions

  • LLVM is only external dependency
  • CMake scripts derived from clang
  • ISO Modula-2 language first
  • Use "declare-before-use" (single-pass) model
  • Goal is target several platforms from the beginning

Current status

  • The lexer is done.
  • The preprocessor (for handling of directives) is is based on the draft technical report "Interfacing Modula-2 to C", Annex B and aims to be compatible to the Macintosh p1 compiler. Parsing of directives is implemented, with mostly no functionality.
  • The parser is based on ISO Modula-2 with generic and OO additions. Some LL(1) conflicts are still left in the grammar, so not every source is parsed correctly.
  • The parser is generated by LLtool. A C++ port of LLtool is now integrated into this project, but not yet enabled.
  • Error recovery in the parser is based on "panic mode", using the follow sets of the current and the active callers.
  • The AST nodes are generated by ASTtool.
  • Error messages are outputted using llvm::SourceMgr for nice presentation.
  • Only a dummy driver exists to see the parser in action.
  • A couple of IR statements is emitted to the console after succesful parsing.