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API: Build Tools

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You can use JitPack to easily use the releases here on GitHub! JitPack requires no installation, just add it as a repoistory!

We have instructions for:


Gradle is recommended for it's easy-to-use syntax!

Add the repository:

allprojects {
	repositories {
		// .. along with your other repositories 
		maven { url "" }

Now depend on LegacyFactions:

dependencies {
	// ... use compileOnly like you would with spigot-api! 
	compileOnly group: "org.spigotmc", name: "spigot-api", version: "1.11-R0.1-SNAPSHOT";	
	compileOnly group: "", name:"LegacyFactions", version: "v1.4.3" 


Maven is another popular build tool that uses XML.

Add the repository:

	<!-- along with your other repositories -->

Now depend on LegacyFactions:

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