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A cross-platform engine that integrates a real-time physically based renderer and makes it easy to get started writing games or other graphical applications in C++!

Here are a couple of screenshots that provide a sense of the graphical capabilities of Prism:

pcss sponza

buddha custom models

These are screenshots taken on macOS, using the old Metal backend.

The sibenik, sponza and buddha models shown are from the McGuire Computer Graphics Archive, any other models shown are created by me.


Prism is still a heavy work in progress, and stuff is expected to break. I don't work full time on Prism, so updates are expected to be erratic.

Submitting bug reports and showing stuff you made in Prism is always appreciated! However, if you're submitting a feature request, please look at the Wiki, Issues and Projects first to see my current development plans.

If you're building content for Prism, there is a Blender addon in addon/ that integrates a content pipeline for easy exporting without leaving Blender!


Using C++, you can easily build graphically powered applications that is expected to work consistently regardless of the platform used. There is a PBR renderer included in the repository, but anything can built on top of the GFX api and other platform abstractions.

If you're building a game, there is Input, UI and a basic Audio system available to use. There is also a lot of tools in tools/ that allow you to curate content using the built-in Prism systems such as scenes, cutscenes and materials.

If you're building a tool, ImGui is available to use and uses the docking branch. See tools/ in the repository for examples, most of them is actually built on top of Prism.

You can view a more comprehensive list of features here.



  • CMake
  • C++ compiler that fully supports C++17
    • (2019) MSVC, Clang, and GCC have been tested

There are instructions for Windows, Linux, and macOS targets in the wiki. There is an example app provided in example/. If you want to build the tooling or the example, use the CMake options BUILD_EXAMPLE and BUILD_TOOLS respectively.


3D engine implementing physically based rendering and other advanced techniques