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L2P - Create pictures from LaTeX math expressions

L2P is a command-line tool to create PNG images of math expressions,
formatted in the LaTeX typesetting language.  While it can convert a
whole document, it is designed to easily generate images from just a
fragment of LaTeX code, without you needing to build a separate LaTeX
markup file.  A large set of options provide great control and finesse
over the resulting image.


l2p -i '$4x^2-7=\cos{2 \pi x}$' -o eqn4.png

Produce a PNG image, named 'eqn4.png', of the equation described by the
LaTeX expression '$4x^2 - 7 = \cos{2 \pi x}$'.

l2p -d 250 -i '$\nabla \cdot \mathbf{D} = \rho$' 

Produce a PNG image from the LaTeX code given with the -i argument
(which happens to be one of Maxwell's equations), at 250 dots per inch.
Since we did not specify an output file name with the -o option, the
image will be 'eqn.png' (the default).  

l2p -p amssymb -i '$\mho$' -o mho.png

Produce a PNG image of the Mho symbol (an upside-down capital omega),
saving the image in the file 'mho.png'.  We include the amssymb package,
which defines that symbol.

l2p -B 20x30 -i '$\sum_{n=0}^{\infty}\frac{(-\phi^2)^n}{(2n)!}$' -o cosine.png

Produce an image of the indicated infinite summation, padded with a
border that is 20 pixels on each side horizontally, and 30 pixels each
side vertically.  The color of this border region will be the same as
the rest of the image background.

Public source repository:
License: Public Domain, have at it