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Training scenarios for cyber ranges
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Training scenarios for cyber ranges

Available scenarios

Scenario name Primary OS Type OS Versions Vulns CVEs
Shell Shock example Linux RHEL 7 Shell Shock CVE-2014-6271

Design Philosophy

We're building the plane while we fly it, here, but these are the general design principals we're trying to follow.

  • For cloud frameworks, use the native automation language, i.e., for Google Cloud Platform, use Deployment Manager
    • Rationale: 3rd party automation frameworks will always be behind what the cloud provider is offering, so just stick with the native capability
  • For cloud workloads, i.e., VMs, containers, etc., use Ansible
    • Rationale: Most OSes are not tightly coupled to the cloud platform. Debian is Debian, Windows is Windows. Here it makes sense to use a standardized 3rd party tool like Ansible that won't be impacted by underlying cloud implementations.
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