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Exploitation toolkit for RichFaces
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Richsploit: Exploitation toolkit for RichFaces.


Richsploit can be used to exploit JSF endpoints using RichFaces. All versions from 3.1.0 and higher are vulnerable.

usage: Richsploit
 -e,--exploit    0: CVE-2013-2165
                 1: CVE-2015-0279
                 2: CVE-2018-12532
                 3: CVE-2018-12533
                 4: CVE-2018-14667
 -p,--payload    The file containing serialized object
                 (CVE-2013-2165), or
                 Shell command to execute (all other CVE's)
 -u,--url        URL of richfaces application, i.e.
        for RF4.x and
        for RF3.x
 -v,--version    Richfaces branch, either 3 or 4

For more information about how to use the tool, please see this blog post.

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