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Redux actions, action creators and reducers to make life with JSON APIs a breeze.
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Make Redux 💜 JSON API

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This library is intended for use in web applications build on Redux, which consumes data from a JSON API.

Use redux-json-api to have one simple way of storing resource objects in Redux state along with it's CRUD API, which provides easy ways to create, read, update and delete resources.

Please raise any questions as an Issue or submit your contributions as a Pull Request. Remember to review our contributions guidelines.

Table of contents

  1. Set-Up & Configure
  2. API
  3. Good reads
  4. Contribute
  5. Contributors

Good reads

  • Working Example App - Quickstart guide to a minimal implementation of Redux JSON API 2
  • Redux - Read about redux and core principles.
  • JSON API - Read about the specifications for JSON API.


Got any feedback or suggestions? Review our contribution guidelines.


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