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@Andarist Andarist released this 29 Apr 13:25
· 769 commits to main since this release

Things published already under recent patch versions, but without public release noted:

  • got redux-saga/effects and redux-saga/utils working properly for webpack2 and rollup users (or any other bundle which recognizes jsnext:main/module entry). Thanks to @ephys. How was it achieved can be seen here. Neat trick which I think is not publicly known and it was an issue for quite some time and also allowed me to help fixing this in some other libraries.
  • fixed join(...tasks) implementation, its not accepting an array of tasks, but rather a variadic number of tasks as arguments
  • implemented cancel(...tasks) in similar manner
  • implemented possibility for self cancellation, this means you can now yield cancel() inside a task and handle both cancel(task) + self cancellation via cancel() within the same finally block
  • fixed internal scheduler and its recursive nature, now its trampolining and cannot cause stack's overflow, thanks to @pbadenski and @wilsaj
  • added getContext and setContext effects (thanks for the idea to @aikoven). It's not properly documented yet, but its a feature which allows sharing context properties across tasks without need to import them in each file or passing them explicitly through arguments. The feature is implemented as dynamic scoping which should sounds familiar for JS devs. In general you cannot share a context property from a child task to the parent, its only passed 'down'. You can read more in related issue and PR till its not documented.
  • got rid of createSagaMiddleware({ onerror }) which got into library because of a typo and we have supported it for some time, please use onError instead

New in this release:

  • refactored runSaga API, runSaga(iterator, storeInterface) got depreacted in favor of runSaga(storeInterface, saga, ...args). It allowed us to leverage the change internally so now became partially applied runSaga, they wont now go out of sync (in the past changes and bug fixes had to implemented in both of them).
  • cloneableGenerator utils, which can ease ur unit testing when logic branching is needed, thanks to @nihaux
  • call([obj, 'method']) - now you can pass a string as method's name which should be called on the passed context
  • all effect - explicit effect for parallel effects, which is exactly what we had been supporting by accepting yielded arrays, so the latter is become deprecated now in favor of this explicitness which nicely maps to the Promise.all API. Please use this from now on
  • improved TS typings, thanks to @aikoven for his continous support in this matter

Bug fixes:

  • fixed issue with eventChannels not closing automatically upon emitting END, thanks to @baldwmic

In the meantime we have also:

  • got us domain, thanks to @baldwmic
  • got us a rolluped UMD build, which is way smaller than the one which was produced by a webpack, thanks to the so called 'flat-bundling'
  • got us a logo! Thanks to @thekarland

Redux Logo Portrait