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Redux Framework v4 Changelog

  • Fixed: #30 - Typography field causing a "save" notice.
  • Added: Start of Redux Builder API for fields.
  • Modified: Moved some methods to new classes.
  • Fixed: Fix underscore naming convention in in Redux_Field,
  • Modified: Move two ajax saves routines to Redux_Functions_Ex for advanced customizer validation on save.

  • Fixed: #20 - variable mssing $ dev.
  • Fixed: Customizer saving.
  • Fixed Customizer 'required'.
  • Fixed: button_set field not saving or loading in multi mode.
  • Fixed: Section disable and section hidde in customizer.
  • Fixed: Some malformed field ids in sample-config, for some reason.
  • Change: #19 - validate_msg field arg replaces msg for validation schemes. Shim in place for backward compatibility.

  • Modified: Metabox lite loop not using correct extension key.
  • Fixed: Error when no theme is installed, which is possible, apparently.

  • Fixed: redux_post_meta returning null always.
  • Added: New Redux API get_post_meta to retrieve Metabox values.

  • Fixed: Metabox lite css/js not minifying on compile.
  • New: Redux APIs set_field, set_fields

  • Improved: Improvement record caller and warning fixes Thanks @Torfadel.
  • Fixed: Errors on 'Get Support' page.

  • Fixed: #14 - Malformed enqueue URLs when embedding.

  • Fixed: Section field not hiding with required calls.
  • Fixed: Tour pointer not remembing closed state.


  • New: Initial public beta release.

  • Added: allow_empty_line_height arg for the typography field to prevent font-size from overriding a blank line-height field.

  • Fixed: Editor field not saving.

  • Modified: Continued work for compatibility with the forecoming Redux Pro.
  • New: Global arg elusive_frontend to enqueue the internal Elusive Font CSS on the front end.

  • Added: Metaboxes Lite. See READ ME & sample config (sample-metabox-config.php).
  • Added: Removed "welcome" screen. Replaced with 'What is this?' screen that no longer appears on first launch.
  • Fixed: Demo mode actiavtes in Netword Enabled mode.
  • Modified: Additional WPCS work.
  • Modified: Improved tracking.

  • Added: Field/section disabling. See README.

  • Fixed: Data caching for WordPress data class.

  • Added: Optional AJAX loading for select2 fields. See README.
  • Disabled: WordPress Data caching. It's broke. See issue tracker.

  • Added: Field sanitzing added. See README.
  • Added: Sanitizing examples added to sample config.
  • Fixed: Multi text not removing new added boxes until after save.

  • Fixed: Sections in customizer not rendering properly when customizer is set to false. Thanks @onurdemir.
  • Fixed: Function in ajax save class bombing when v3 is embedded. Thanks @danielbarenkamp.

  • Nope. I'm supersticous!

  • Modified: Core to accept v3 based extensions with deprecation notice.
  • Modified: @Torfindel's work on the extension/builder abstract.
  • Finished: New Spinner UI, with extra args.

  • Fixed: Typo in redux.js caused panel to stall. My bad. :)
  • Updated: Gulp to version 4 to solve vulnerability issues.
  • Modified: Linting of remaining JS files.

  • Modified: redux.js opt_name logic to shim in older versions of metaboxes.
  • Updated: Spinner field mods. New look. No more jQuery depricated notices.

  • Fixed: Import/Export feature not importing. Damn typesafe decs got me again!!! Thanks, WPCS. ;-)
  • Modified: Replace wpFileSystemInit in sample-config.php with a more practical solution. Thanks @Torfindel

  • Modified: Changed typography update localize handle. Too generic. Conflicted with something else.
  • Fixed: Template head structure cause tempalte notice to fail. Thanks @anikitas.
  • Fixed: Google font update choked over incorrect protocol.
  • Fixed: Required logic was operating backward. Damn those typesafe operators!
  • Fixed: Redux v3 templates no longer crash v4 panel.
  • Modified: Sample config to default settings. They got all wonky for testing various things.

  • Added: 'sites' to the select field data argument to return blog urls.
  • Fixed: Old extensions that extend to the ReduxFramework class failed to save.
  • Fixed: Extraneous semicolon output in admin notices.
  • Fixed: Redux v4 plugin trips fatal error on activation when v3 is embedded in a project.
  • Modified: Moved new functions in Redux_Helpers due to incompatibility with embedded v3.
  • Fixed: Section field malformed when two or more section use together with no indentation.
  • Fixed: CDN loading failed even on success due to typesafe comparison (whoops, my bad) - kp. (Welcome Fundraiser participants)

  • Fixed: Admin notices were msflromed due to mis-escaped code.
  • Added: Abstract class for extensions.
  • Modified: Last of the JavaScript mods from JSHint and JSCS. Travis checks will no longer fail.

  • Fixed: Remove plugins_loaded hook to init plugin. Broke backward compat with Redux 3.

  • Modified: Sorter 'checkbox' now 'toggle' with UI redesign. Full backward compatibility in place.
  • Added: Shim for redux localization JS object from 3.x where the optName is not appended. This broke repeater.

  • Rewrite: Core. Now modularized.
  • Update: Select2 v4.0.3
  • Added: Dimension and spacing fields now contain extra and new units.
  • Modified: The field 'validate' argument now supports an array of values.
  • Updated: Removed 'color_rgba' validation. 'color' validation now supports and sanitizes all color fields.
  • Added: New global arg 'admin_theme'. The Redux Pro UI now mimics the WordPress menu system in terms of theme colors and behaviour. Set this arg to 'classic' to use the old Redux UI.
  • Fixed: Tracking opt-in and newsletters popups now appear due to malformed inline javascript.
  • Added: Redux::disable_demo to the Redux API to disable the demo mode. No more actions hooks.
  • Added: Redux::instance($opt_name) to the Redux API to obtain an instance of Redux based on the opt_name argument.
  • Added: Redux::get_all_instances() to the Redux API to return an array of all available Redux instances with the opt_name as they key.
  • Modified: All outputting variables fully escaped to comply with and themeforest standards.
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