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* Use default Node version in CI

GitHub's default Node version doesn't require additional downloads or installations. Currently the LTS and default version are similar, but I think it would be best to stay consistent with the other repositories.

* Replace deprecated action

* Revert "Use default Node version in CI"

This reverts commit b6a1ffd.

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Redux DevTools

Developer Tools to power-up Redux development workflow or any other architecture which handles the state change (see integrations).

It can be used as a browser extension (for Chrome, Edge and Firefox), as a standalone app or as a React component integrated in the client app.




This is a monorepo powered by pnpm and Nx. Install pnpm and run pnpm install to get started. Each package's dependencies need to be built before the package itself can be built. You can either build all the packages (i.e., pnpm run build:all) or use Nx commands to build only the packages necessary for the packages you're working on (i.e., pnpm nx build remotedev-redux-devtools-extension).


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