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An experiment in fully hot-reloadable Flux.
Atomic Flux with hot reloading.

**The API might change any day.**
_**Don't use in production just yet.**_
**The API is likely to change a few times before we reach 1.0.**
**Its [surface area]( is minimal so you can try it in production and report any issues.**

## Why another Flux framework?

Read **[The Evolution of Flux Frameworks](** for some context.

### Design Goals

* Hot reloading of everything.
* A hook for the future devtools to "commit" a state, and replay actions on top of it during hot reload.
### Philosophy & Design Goals

* You shouldn't need a book on functional programming to use Redux.
* Everything (Stores, Action Creators, configuration) is hot reloadable.
* Preserves the benefits of Flux, but adds other nice properties thanks to its functional nature.
* Prevents some of the anti-patterns common in Flux code.
* Works great in isomoprhic apps because it doesn't use singletons and the data can be rehydrated.
* Doesn't care how you store your data: you may use JS objects, arrays, ImmutableJS, etc.
* Under the hood, it keeps all yout data in a tree, but you don't need to think about it.
* Lets you efficiently subscribe to finer-grained updates than individual Stores.
* Provides hooks for powerful devtools (e.g. time travel, record/replay) to be implementable without user buy-in.
* Provides extension points so it's easy to [support promises]( or [generate constants]( outside the core.
* No wrapper calls in your stores and actions. Your stuff is your stuff.
* Super easy to test things in isolation without mocks.
* I don't mind action constants. Seriously.
* Keep Flux lingo. No cursors or observables in core.
* It's super easy to test things in isolation without mocks.
* You can use “flat” Stores, or [compose and reuse Stores]( just like you compose Components.
* The API surface area is minimal.
* Have I mentioned hot reloading yet?

## Demo

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