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Fix redux-mock-store libdef for todos-flow (#2430)

* Update package.json
Update package.json for todos-flow

* Update libdefs for todos-flow

* Add jest to package.json to use libdef

* Add flow-typed directory to .eslintignore to stop eslint errors on examples

* Run flow-typed install on postinstall in todos-flow example

* Add eslint-disable-line to href
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lifeiscontent authored and timdorr committed Jun 1, 2017
1 parent bf2b9b5 commit bf3a557a4ab93ebfc3f9648e88941bb734471c80
@@ -2,3 +2,4 @@
@@ -9,3 +9,6 @@ build
# misc
# NOTE: don't do this in your apps this is just to reduce noise in PRs for redux
@@ -1,102 +0,0 @@
// flow-typed signature: 4109fee535b1f5c38bd1a24450044e0f
// flow-typed version: 2b435bb71a/enzyme_v2.3.x/flow_>=v0.28.x
declare module 'enzyme' {
declare type PredicateFunction<T: Wrapper> = (wrapper: T) => boolean;
declare type NodeOrNodes = React$Element<any> | Array<React$Element<any>>;
declare type EnzymeSelector = string | ReactClass<any> | Object;
// CheerioWrapper is a type alias for an actual cheerio instance
// TODO: Reference correct type from cheerio's type declarations
declare type CheerioWrapper = any;
declare class Wrapper {
find(selector: EnzymeSelector): this,
findWhere(predicate: PredicateFunction<this>): this,
filter(selector: EnzymeSelector): this,
filterWhere(predicate: PredicateFunction<this>): this,
contains(nodeOrNodes: NodeOrNodes): boolean,
containsMatchingElement(node: React$Element<any>): boolean,
containsAllMatchingElements(nodes: NodeOrNodes): boolean,
containsAnyMatchingElements(nodes: NodeOrNodes): boolean,
dive(option?: { context?: Object }): this,
exists(): boolean,
matchesElement(node: React$Element<any>): boolean,
hasClass(className: string): boolean,
is(selector: EnzymeSelector): boolean,
isEmpty(): boolean,
not(selector: EnzymeSelector): boolean,
children(selector?: EnzymeSelector): this,
childAt(index: number): this,
parents(selector?: EnzymeSelector): this,
parent(): this,
closest(selector: EnzymeSelector): this,
render(): CheerioWrapper,
unmount(): this,
text(): string,
html(): string,
get(index: number): React$Element<any>,
getNode(): React$Element<any>,
getNodes(): Array<React$Element<any>>,
at(index: number): this,
first(): this,
last(): this,
state(key?: string): any,
context(key?: string): any,
props(): Object,
prop(key: string): any,
key(): string,
simulate(event: string, ...args: Array<any>): this,
setState(state: Object): this,
setProps(props: Object): this,
setContext(context: Object): this,
instance(): React$Component<any, any, any>,
update(): this,
debug(): string,
type(): string | Function | null,
name(): string,
forEach(fn: (node: this) => any): this,
map<T>(fn: (node: this) => T): Array<T>,
fn: (value: T, node: this, index: number) => T,
initialValue?: T
): Array<T>,
fn: (value: T, node: this, index: number) => T,
initialValue?: T
): Array<T>,
some(selector: EnzymeSelector): boolean,
someWhere(predicate: PredicateFunction<this>): boolean,
every(selector: EnzymeSelector): boolean,
everyWhere(predicate: PredicateFunction<this>): boolean,
length: number
declare class ReactWrapper extends Wrapper {
mount(): this,
ref(refName: string): this,
detach(): void
declare class ShallowWrapper extends Wrapper {
equals(node: React$Element<any>): boolean,
shallow(options?: { context?: Object }): ShallowWrapper
declare function shallow(
node: React$Element<any>,
options?: { context?: Object }
): ShallowWrapper;
declare function mount(
node: React$Element<any>,
options?: {
context?: Object,
attachTo?: HTMLElement,
childContextTypes?: Object
): ReactWrapper;
declare function render(
node: React$Element<any>,
options?: { context?: Object }
): CheerioWrapper;
@@ -1,6 +0,0 @@
// flow-typed signature: 6a5610678d4b01e13bbfbbc62bdaf583
// flow-typed version: 3817bc6980/flow-bin_v0.x.x/flow_>=v0.25.x
declare module "flow-bin" {
declare module.exports: string;
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